Paris Spring 2016 Couture: Alexis Mabille

Alexis Mabille once again went to the well of his celebrity friends for inspirations for couture week. The results, unlike last time were a little more focused, which was an improvement, while still showing new faces on the runway we hadn’t seen before which is always appreciated.

Alexis Mabille-01

Many of the looks had that new style about them that we’ve seen fashion forward starlets embracing, especially with the gowns that looked like tuxes and the toyboy with feathers look that seems to be the new version of “hard and soft.” one could easily seen Sophie Turner or Maisie Williams choosing from this collection for their next red carpet appearances. Let’s hope they do.

The full collection is below.

Alexis Mabille-02 Alexis Mabille-03 Alexis Mabille-04 Alexis Mabille-05 Alexis Mabille-06 Alexis Mabille-07 Alexis Mabille-08 Alexis Mabille-09 Alexis Mabille-10 Alexis Mabille-11 Alexis Mabille-12 Alexis Mabille-13 Alexis Mabille-14 Alexis Mabille-15 Alexis Mabille-16 Alexis Mabille-17 Alexis Mabille-18 Alexis Mabille-19 Alexis Mabille-20 Alexis Mabille-21 Alexis Mabille-22 Alexis Mabille-23 Alexis Mabille-24 Alexis Mabille-25 Alexis Mabille-26 Alexis Mabille-27 Alexis Mabille-28 Alexis Mabille-29 Alexis Mabille-30 Alexis Mabille-31 Alexis Mabille-32 Alexis Mabille-33


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