Paris Spring 2016 Couture: Christian Dior

Sometimes a fashion house has a wonderful collection to show you, full of power and focus, with a knock your socks off through line story that has everyone talking for days. And sometimes a fashion house finds itself with a runway deadline and no fashion director and a young team of those who are frantically trying to hold it together frantically through something together and hope it’s not a disaster.


Sadly, it was the latter scenario that was on display at the Christian Dior show yesterday. The space had been books the invites sent, the audience arrived in Paris. Unfortunately, Raf Simons, who had only been at the line for three years and seemed to be finally coming into his own, had quit in October, leaving the poor team of 20 and 30 somethings that were scrambling around to make this work, rather to cope.  To call the results uneven would be kind.

Not that those trying to keep the boat afloat while a new creative director is found did badly. Dior has very specific house codes of design that carve a path for those in need of one. It’s just that the codes were all that seemed to tie the clothes together. There was no over arching theme, no personalized spin, nothing to write home about. Dior got a line up on the runway, and every garment was finished and all of them walked. Sometimes, it’s the best they can do in a crisis.

The full line is below.

Dior-02 Dior-03 Dior-04 Dior-05 Dior-06 Dior-07 Dior-08 Dior-09 Dior-10 Dior-11 Dior-12 Dior-13 Dior-14 Dior-15 Dior-16 Dior-17 Dior-18 Dior-19 Dior-20 Dior-21 Dior-22 Dior-23 Dior-24 Dior-25 Dior-26 Dior-27 Dior-28 Dior-29 Dior-30 Dior-31 Dior-32 Dior-33 Dior-34 Dior-35 Dior-36 Dior-37 Dior-38 Dior-39 Dior-40 Dior-41 Dior-42 Dior-43 Dior-44 Dior-45 Dior-46 Dior-47 Dior-48 Dior-49 Dior-50 Dior-51 Dior-52


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