Paris Spring 2016 Couture: Chanel

Just when you thought it was safe to judge Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel…. Lagerfeld goes and surprises us with a line that was worth parsing through 73 looks.

Not that at first it looked like that was going to happen. Here we are in yet another elaborate set piece in the Grand Palais. In the Garden of Eden, darling, don’t you know they all wear wool crepe?


And for the first ten or so outfits, it looked like we were in for just that. But then the wood began to change. The outfits grew looser, the silhouette for freeform, like nature had taken hold of all this Chanel uptight 1930s suiting and was throttling it until it relaxed. For once the outfits seemed to watch the backdrop, as wood chip pallettes adorned gowns in some of the most whimsical plays on his own standards wandered down the line. The clothes were made from recycled paper, organic yarn and wild cotton. It was as ecological as the setting, and for once a show worth sighing over as much as the set, if not more so.

But the evening gowns were the real treat. The capes, proving that capes are finally in everywhere, even at Chanel, and the gold flecked white gowns seemed to suggest that perhaps this year, the discerning starlet who is looking to have an ecological Oscars will know there’s only one brand word to shop.

The highlights of the show are below.

Chanel-02 Chanel-03 Chanel-04 Chanel-05 Chanel-06 Chanel-07 Chanel-08 Chanel-09 Chanel-12 Chanel-15 Chanel-20 Chanel-22 Chanel-23 Chanel-24 Chanel-27 Chanel-29 Chanel-30 Chanel-32 Chanel-33 Chanel-35 Chanel-36 Chanel-38 Chanel-39 Chanel-40 Chanel-41 Chanel-42 Chanel-43 Chanel-44 Chanel-45 Chanel-46 Chanel-47 Chanel-49 Chanel-50 Chanel-51 Chanel-52 Chanel-53 Chanel-54 Chanel-55 Chanel-57 Chanel-58 Chanel-59 Chanel-60 Chanel-61 Chanel-62 Chanel-63 Chanel-64 Chanel-65 Chanel-66 Chanel-67 Chanel-68 Chanel-69 Chanel-70 Chanel-71 Chanel-72 Chanel-73


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