Paris Spring 2016 Couture: Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli, like many designers this coming season, did an honor to Paris. We’re probably going to see a lot of Tributes to Paris, especially when we’re covering the shows that present there.  For Valli, he did what he does best–flowers, and then honored the florals of the Parisian landscape.


But this, of course, is also his couture collection, and though the theme stuck to florals, more or less, Valli is excepted to close with her patented over the top ballgowns of layers and layers of tulle for divas to carry off like so much fashion forward bath poufs.  As always, he didn’t disappoint in that category. I’m sure Paris was thankful.

The full collection is below.

Valli-02 Valli-03 Valli-04 Valli-05 Valli-06 Valli-07 Valli-08 Valli-09 Valli-10 Valli-11 Valli-12 Valli-13 Valli-14 Valli-15 Valli-16 Valli-17 Valli-18 Valli-19 Valli-20 Valli-21 Valli-22 Valli-23 Valli-24 Valli-25 Valli-26 Valli-27 Valli-28 Valli-29 Valli-30 Valli-31 Valli-32 Valli-33 Valli-34 Valli-35 Valli-36 Valli-37 Valli-38 Valli-39 Valli-40 Valli-41 Valli-42 Valli-43 Valli-44


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