Paris Spring 2016 Couture: Maison Margiela

There were many people who looked askance when John Galliano was named the head of the newly re-formed Maison Margiela. (They had just dropped the Martin.) After all, if Fashion is where art meets commerce, MMM has always come down squarely on the art side of the equation. Not only was Galliano in need of a rehabilitation of reputation, but was he really surreal enough for the brand?


One might argue their fears were somewhat founded. After all, the esoteric hallmarks of sending out models wrapped in swathes of found fabrics from a hundred or more years ago that MMM has known for has gone the way of the third “M.” In place of it, Galliano has done something radical for the line–wearable clothing.

But that’s not to say that the surreal has left the building. No, Galliano has his own wacky hallmarks that he brings to the table. This one seemed to be one part inspired by Bowie, one part inspired by Dali and one part plain nonsensical. In the results were the best show he’s done for the line to date.

The full collection is below.

Margiela-02 Margiela-03 Margiela-04 Margiela-05 Margiela-06 Margiela-07 Margiela-08 Margiela-09 Margiela-10 Margiela-11 Margiela-12 Margiela-13 Margiela-14 Margiela-15 Margiela-16 Margiela-17 Margiela-18 Margiela-19 Margiela-20 Margiela-21 Margiela-22 Margiela-23 Margiela-24 Margiela-25


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