Your Daily Kitty Is Snug



5 thoughts

  1. It is hard to see a snug cat like that and not want to stroke her fur, if only to steal some of that serenity.

    So in the Iowa Oscars
    Elmer Gantry v Citizen Kane
    Gloriana v Mr Smith goes to Washington.

    Also a revival of The Last Hurrah.


  2. In watching polling in the past two months, I have noticed one thing in the polls appended at the ends of the daily reports
    Presidential Approval. After being sub par for most of the fall, Mr Obama is trading around par, a little over or a little under.
    It seems the more people see of the potential successors, the better they like the incumbent.


  3. Well, we have dug out sufficiently that we were able to get my mom to her chemotherapy this week. So that was good.

    Meanwhile the Post’s weather blog gave space to a wee snarkling from Minnesota who was so poorly received that the blog editor felt he had to publish a rebuttal. Weather wimps, indeed.


    1. 24 inches of snow and more is going to shut down such prepared and experienced cities as Duluth, Minneapolis St Paul, Moscow, Montreal, Boston and Buffalo. Just too much snow, even for a prepared city.


    2. Well, while I will quibble about 24 inches of snow in one day shutting down Buffalo for any real length of time (my parents had 5+ ft fall one Boxing Day iirc, and by that evening we had dug out, there were cars on the road, Wegmans was open and volunteers were delivering food and medication to those who hadn’t dug out yet), 24 inches is hard to deal with no matter what.
      And it’s not like the mid-Atlantic even has the right equipment for moving and removing that kind of snow. It would be stupid to spend the money on stuff you’d only use once every 30 years (one hopes). Even with the right equipment, Boston fell behind on coping sometime during the second snow storm of the winter.

      In any case, I’m glad you have managed to dig out and that your mom is getting her treatment. All good thoughts and best wishes to you and her.


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