Paris Spring 2016 Couture: Valentino

While some designers have been shaking up their houses, either with new directions or new directors, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli were determined to deliver exactly as they always do. The Valentino look has coalesced over the past few years with them at the helm, and clearly the message was “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


Unfortunately, that also don’t leave much to say about the clothes themselves. A lot of Roman influences isn’t a surprise from the Italian house.  Long flowing gown that are semi see thru play to the current runway trends while holding themselves apart as wholly “Valentino.”

I’m not saying the gowns aren’t worth oohing and ahhing over, but it does make for a short review. The full collection is below. Oooh. Ahh.

Valentino-02 Valentino-03 Valentino-04 Valentino-05 Valentino-06 Valentino-07 Valentino-08 Valentino-09 Valentino-10 Valentino-11 Valentino-12 Valentino-13 Valentino-14 Valentino-15 Valentino-16 Valentino-17 Valentino-18 Valentino-19 Valentino-20 Valentino-21 Valentino-22 Valentino-23 Valentino-24 Valentino-25 Valentino-26 Valentino-27 Valentino-28 Valentino-29 Valentino-30 Valentino-31 Valentino-32 Valentino-33 Valentino-34 Valentino-35 Valentino-36 Valentino-37 Valentino-38 Valentino-39 Valentino-40 Valentino-41 Valentino-42 Valentino-43 Valentino-44 Valentino-45 Valentino-46 Valentino-47 Valentino-48 Valentino-49 Valentino-50 Valentino-51 Valentino-52 Valentino-53 Valentino-54 Valentino-55 Valentino-56 Valentino-57 Valentino-58 Valentino-59 Valentino-60 Valentino-61 Valentino-62 Valentino-63 Valentino-64 Valentino-65 Valentino-66


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