Your Daily Kitty Claims Her Throne



3 thoughts

  1. All kitties should have thrones, and this one looks especially regal in hers.

    It’s Friday! Yay! Been a rough week on a lot of fronts, so I will be happy for some down time. I am looking forward to getting home and lounging on the couch. (I am obviously getting old when lounging on the couch on a Friday night sounds just about perfect.)


    1. I am going to lounge on someone else’s couch tonight and have no work to do or food to prepare, but I would really rather be home.
      My mothers computer died last Sunday. When turned only there was only an unresponsive black screen. It turned out the video card had died. And because replacing a video card in a 7 year old laptop is about as expensive as a new one, and who knows what will go next on an old laptop, she bought a new one.
      And is now learning Windows 10 in one gulp from 7. And formatting a new computer.
      And is somewhat frustrated and fighting with the iPad.
      So I am helping as I can.

      It was so easy to replace an old pen.


      1. Couch loungers unite!

        Your poor mother. New computers are always a hassle. My mother has managed to lock herself out of her iPad (we got them for my parents to allow easy video communication with the grandchildren), and she’s at a complete loss. For myself, I am staunchly resisting the incessant Windows 10 alerts I get every time I use my home computer. I dread having to get a new computer.


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