The Best and the Worst of the SAG Awards Red Carpet

The Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, one of the last major stops on the Pre-Oscar red carpet tour. This is also one of the most laid back stops on the tour, as it’s an actor’s only event, and until recently was not even televised.

Perhaps that’s why there’s just not that many “bad” looks when it comes to this one. There are a few questionable or unfortunate choices made, especially for some starlets who seems to having been pushed into what they wore. But the carefree attitude of the show on the whole carries over to the carpet. They weren’t the best looks we’ve seen all season, but they certainly seemed to be some of the most comfortable the stars have looked in them, and that counts for a lot.

2 Laverne Cox In Prabal Gurung

We’re giving the top spot to Laverne Cox. She’s discovered new silhouettes, you guys! And new fabrics! We applaud this development!

1 Viola Davis In Zac Posen

Now, on anyone else, this dress would be a drag. It’s got everything that’s wrong with Zac Posen all over it. And yet, somehow Viola Davis makes it sing.

3 Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner sporting Dark Sansa (No, actually I don’t know who the designer is sorry.)  The best of the Game of Thrones red carpet gang by miles though.

4 Nicole Kidman in Gucci

It’s been a while since Nicole Kidman has made our top ten. Risky gowns she pulls off with aplomb will do that. On someone else, it would be a glitterbombed circus tent.

5 Kiernan Shipka in Erdem

I will never get tired of Kiernan Shipka or her ability to pick correctly. The Erdem is perfect for her last pass at a red carpet until she get cast as an adult.


Julianna Margulies, doing her thing in Beradi, as she does.

7 Uzo Aduba In Zac Posen

Uzo Aduba in one of Zac Posen’s better decisions. She does look a bit like she runs the Emerald City though.

8 Tina Fey In Prabal Gurung

Tina Fey seemed to have been going backwards recently in her fashion decisions. Good to see her choose Prabal Gurung and land back in the Top Ten.

9 ALICIA VIKANDER in Louis Vuitton

Alicia Vikander gets a spot in the Top Ten because this glitter colorblocked Louis Vuitton takes more nerve than most starlets have.

10 Helen Mirren in Jenny Packham

Helen Mirren in Jenny Packham. You’re welcome everyone.

The Honorable Mentions

11 Ellie Kemper In Peter Pilotto

I haven’t been that into Ellie Kemper, but I commend her for picking this print happy Peter Pilotto

12 Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland is perfectly purple. J.Mendel can work you guys.

13 Queen Latifah In Michael Costello

Queen Latifah In Michael Costello. If you think she looks a bit like a matronly Beyoncé, that’s because he’s Beyoncé’s go-to guy.

14 Eva Longoria In Julien Macdonald

Eva Longoria In Julien Macdonald. Liked for the daringness and the fact that it caught everyone’s attention. Not for the snakeskin crocodile connotations.

15 Emilia Clarke in Dior

Emilia Clarke is the face of Dior. At least she’s not wearing Mother of Dragons?

16 JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS in Monique Lhiullier

Yes, all Julie-Louise Dreyfuss has to do to get on a list is not wear black. (The advert on her clutch also scores amusement points.)

17 SAOIRSE RONAN in Michael Kors

Saoirse Ronan in an uterly safe Michael Kors

18 Naomi Watts in Burberry

Naomi Watts in Burberry. Finally! Something that both works and doesn’t make her look like a Kidman clone.

19 Christina Hendricks In Christian Siriano

Shaddup, I don’t care that Christian Siriano used an entire bolt of that stuff on Christina Hendricks. I love it anyway.

20 Hannah Murray

Hannah Murray figured since it was afternoon in LA it would be ok to go with this shade. Everyone would be wearing sunglasses.

The Men


This bastard thought he could escape by not posing on the red carpet. FIE ON YOU SIR.


Keegan-Michael Key, doing work to make up for Elba’s absence.

22 Kit Harington

Kit Harington: not dead.


Jim Parsons and his pants.

24 Leondardo DiCaprio

Still the greasiest guy on the carpet, win or no win. Sorry Leo.

The Dull

25 Sarah Silverman in Vivienne Westwood

Sarah Silverman in Vivienne Westwood. It’s melting.

26 SOFIA VERGARA in Vera Wang

Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang. Enough already.

27 Rooney Mara in Valentino

Rooney Mara in  Valentino. Snooze Factor Eight.

29 Clare Danes in Stella McCartney

Clare Danes in Stella McCartney. Colorblocking boredom.

31 Amy Poehler In Stella McCartney

I suppose for Amy Poehler, a Stella McCartney where she’s merely boring is an improvement.

The Bad

28 Laura Prepon In Carmen Marc Valvo

Laura Prepon In Carmen Marc Valvo. Fishscaled Uniboob.

33 Kristin Wiig In Roland Mouret

Kristin Wiig In Roland Mouret. Stapling on a random piece of fabric to a waiter’s outfit is not going to cut it.

34 Julianne Morre in Givinchy

Julianne Moore in Givinchy. Even if the dreadful cut outs were equally open, this would still be a trainwreck.

35 January Jones

January Jones in a tablecloth.


Sola Bamis looks like she’s been taken off a hook somewhere and is standing on the red carpet waiting for the person that left her there to come back and put her away.

37 Joanne Froggatt In Romona Keveza

Joanne Froggatt In Romona Keveza. Way too much.

38 Gwendoline Christie

Gwendoline Christie in Unfinished.

39 Brie Larson in Versace

Brie Larson looks better in this pic than she did on TV. I swear on TV, not only did this Versace, which she fails to sell the sexy on at all look terrible, but she looked ill.

The Ugly

40 Lori Petty

Welp, now I know who Lori Petty is. Good job.

The Beyond Reproach

41 Carol Burnett In Bob Mackie

Carol Burnett in Bob Mackie. Stone cold classic.


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