Your Daily Kitty is In A Box



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  1. This weekend, my computer started dying. It would seize up after 3 to 5 minutes of use or less and need to have all its power removed before it would release and be rebooted.
    Because it was more that 7.5 years old, I purchased a new computer. I have discovered that I truly hate hate hate hate Windows 10.
    Over the past three days as I have become accustomed to it and learn it, I don’t hate it any less.
    Marshmallow can have the new windows 10 machine and the box it came in. And the new computer ate my new tablet money. The old computer was supposed to last another year.
    But aside from these 1st world annoyances, all is well.
    How is everyone else?


    1. My computer is acting up as well. I am hoping to hold off on getting a new machine. But the more I think about it, it might end up being a Linux box, despite the additional hands on it would require.
      Is there any way you can put an older OS on your new computer? (Though I did read that MS is pushing out Win10 to anyone with automatic updates set on their computer. Argh. At least I have mine set that I get auto updates, but I have to approve the install.)

      It’s been a very hectic day for me. And stressful last few. Which I am not handling well. I am trying to self-medicate with mint tea and the Beatles.


    2. Reaching that point in winter where green becomes a real gift.

      Aged parent stuff is getting to me. I remember this feeling from my mother’s last year or two, of transmuting worry into other emotional responses. I really don’t like it. Going to need to allocate even more time to more stress relief strategies. (Which I also don’t like because meditation & more working out can be very time consuming).


    1. Overworked, but with some job security.
      Like looking after 25 ;toddlers, all of them screaming at once.


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