Project Runway Junior: Maya’s NYFW Collection

Maya was 13 years old when this show began filming, and turned 14 halfway through its run. The youngest contestant on the program, she isn’t just good. She’s a phenom. Kelly called her a genius, and she not wrong. When these pieces came out of the bags last week, I was stunned at how much better they were than the other three collections. But what I didn’t realize until seeing them walk how much better her collection was than anything that walked the runway for Project Runway proper. Certainly better than Season 14’s finale, and even maybe better than anything we saw in Season 13’s finale as well. It took bringing in Children, but Project Runway finally found that creativity well that seemed to have run dry.


I heard whines about the cape from the judges, but they need to be the hell quiet. The boning structure she created for the back is simply superb. And putting it with the black minidress heightened the impact.


This is one of those blouses that she originally made way too short because she doesn’t have experience with model’s bodies. As I noted in my recap, we know because of the edit that the black stripe is a panel added to make it not a crop top. But damned if it doesn’t look like it was originally supposed to be that way.


I’m still not sold on the see thru gown in the singular, but in contest with the rest of the collection, all my complaints are null and void. Note that Maya made zero changes here from first showing to second.


Zero changes. None needed. All she had to do was own it. Viktor from Season 9 taught us not to screw with anything when the win is in the bag. Tim agreed.


Probably my least favorite of the outfits. Again, Maya is fourteen and she’s not used to designing for real models, let along real people. The model is poured into those pants, and the top is all but going to burst. But it;s the only fit issue that’s actually noticeable.


Of course she won. How could it have been otherwise? Unlike some of the decisions on Project Runway proper, I don’t think anyone argued with this. And I don’t think we’ll argue when this iteration returns next winter for Season 2.


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