Project Runway Junior: Peytie’s NYFW Collection

I was really surprised when the judges revealed in the final deliberations that Peytie had nearly gone home several times over during the competition. By the halfway mark of the season, I had her marked as a shoo-in for the finale. She knew her point of view and her girl–California born again hippie–and she stuck to it, to great success through out the season. I actually think she should have been in the final two.


But perhaps it was that she hewed so closely to exactly that look that she was put out third? Like Zachary, she was aiming for something that might have been a little beyond her. And there were things that didn’t work so well. I loved the hand painted gold pattern on the leather. I hated it in this fringed form, like she has above. That was I suppose Peytie’s problem. When she was married to something, she was stuck on it, for good or ill.


But then there were pieces like this, which I thought were as good, if not better than some of the stuff that walked at the Project Runway proper finale a few days prior. So…


And, yes, she was a little too in love with that skirt fabric. But though I think these two piece together are a bit much, they are individually knock outs.


And this piece. This piece gets my award for “Most Improved Outfit Between Showings.” I did not get this dress when she showed it in the first half of the finale. it looked orange. it looked stiff. It looked bad. What was she thinking? But a simple recut and pairing it with the brown leather instead of a lighter gold chiffon and the orange now looks gold and the silhouette makes sense.


I hate that you can see the shorts under this, but then again I hate it when I can see the shorts on the girls who wear this outfit to Burning Man. And that top is fab.


As I said earlier, not a fan of fringing the leather. But it works better here in the long version over he blue gown. And that bead worked back is a stunner. Yeah, I’d have put Peytie in second, not third place. I look forward to her and her sister going into business together in a few years when they are old enough.


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