Project Runway Junior: Samantha’s NYFW Collection

As I said in my review of Peytie’s line, I would have swapped her and Samantha and put Samantha third. Why? Well, partly this is a subjective choice. I like girly hippie things. I am not into the unisex militaristic tomboy look that Samantha was stuck on from her first day to her last. Moreover, I thought that Aya’s diagnosis during the finale that she had asked for Samantha 2.0 and the girl simply hadn’t delivered–Christian agreed, it felt like they had seen that jacket from her ten times in ten weeks–was far more damning than anything they said about Peytie. It should have prevented her to get in the Top Two.


All that being said, and considering how far behind Samantha was compared to everyone else, this collection is so well made, and so polished. And it’s so cohesive and on point of view. This *is* who Samantha is at 16.


And unlike some, Samantha also did something really valuable at her age in the design world. She listened. She took their notes and she spat back exactly what they wanted. Pop of color? Fine, I’ll go buy some red. That grey jacket and blue short are thanking her.


Add dresses? She not only added a dress, but a long pencil skirt, with paired with a same color jacket felt like a dress. This was the best thing we’ve seen her do all season. And she wouldn’t have if they hadn’t told her to.


If only her dress was as good as the skirt. I appreciate she tried to go out of her comfort zone, but this looks uncomfortable because of it. It looks like she would have dearly loved to adorn it with pockets, or pants.


I also have to give it to her that she listened to Tim. Originally all the blue tops were paired with blue bottoms, the green with green, the gray with gray. Tim told her to mix and match and take advantage of the separateness of the designs. She listened. Even where she did the same color top and bottom she made them different tones. It worked.


Samantha is the one I am most curious about because I do believe that when she stops rebelling against girly things and opens her mind to the concept of feminine pieces, she will have an amazing point of view to bring to them. Like Zachary, she’s one I want to see get a place in the industry in five year’s time, because she has amazing potential.


3 thoughts

  1. I totally disagree with you and I would not switch there place. I like her style and so do the judges and if the judges of the show do. I think I am incrediable and great a fashion.


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