Project Runway Junior: Zachary’s NYFW Collection

As I said in my recap, Zachary’s collection was the one with the most visible construction issues of the four lines that walked. That’s because unlike his other three competitors, he reached the farthest in his collection. Evening wear is not easy. Red carpet gowns are hard. Zachary wanted to do what Christian Siriano or Zac Posen, or hell, Karl Lagerfeld do in three months with a full-time staff. It wasn’t going to happen.


Still, for all the faults we find in these outfits, the scale of the ambition could not be denied. There was a reason the judges and Tim pushed him into the finale, and there was a reason tat he also went out fourth.  It was worth it to see what he could do (and considering the other three collections, there was real value in having it as part of the show. But the faults in each outfit (like the way the back of the one above falls) is why it would never win.


This one for instance. We didn’t see much of him working on it, but the bodice is a painful mess. The idea is sound though, and the ballerina silhouette would be fantastic on a taller model.


Probably the worst construction issues, that’s because this was the outfit he basically knocked off in the two days between the first go round with the judges and the runway. There are good ideas here, but the peplum looks wilted, and the bodice is really messy.


I wish the cigarette pants were cleaner, because this one really hits the mark I think the entire collection was trying to aim for.


Evening wear is HARD y’all. And Zachary made TWO gowns. TWO. Of course the seams in the bodice look pained.


The judges were right about this one. The transformation between the first time they saw it and the second took it from home-made prom gown to almost red carpet ready. Zachary has tons of talent and a gorgeous eye. I really hope he finds a path into the industry when he grows up. He could be seriously something.


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