Face Off Season 10: Aliens Inside Us

There’s something slightly creepy about McKenzie standing in front of a table of “mad scientist” chemicals and microscopes, even if most of the liquids are probably colored water, and the goopy “chemicals” are out of the prop shop. Creepy is an accurate word for today’s challenge, which is based on that famous scene in Alien where the alien baby bursts forth from the abdomen of a man named Kane. The ten contestants will be paired off into teams of two, and each given a microscope to look through. The strain of micro-organism they  see in it is their inspiration for their own “chest-buster” alien. I’m surprised we’re already five episodes in–and down to the Top Ten–and have yet to have a Foundation opening challenge. Perhaps this season they have done away with them?

Contestants get to pick their own teams before blindly choosing microscopes. We don’t learn the names of the micro organisms right way, they’re mentioned throughout the episode instead.


To wit:

Guest star this week is Lance Henriksen. (No, he wasn’t the one whose chest burst open, he was the goop-filled android Bishop from Aliens, the sequel movie.) He doesn’t say much of use before leaving them to design, but they never really do. But when McKenzie returns, she is sans dad. Instead Hendriksen returned with her. Is *he* doing the walk through? No! Instead it’s that Foundation Challenge I was just bemoaning wasn’t going to happen this week. Nice fake out, production team. It’s not really a proper Foundation challenge, no models to do a fast make up on. Instead the teams are to make custom goopy slime for their aliens, and Lance is judging their results when they throw it at the models. (Now his presence makes more sense.) His choice for the win goes to Mel and Melissa for their Nickelodeon style slime. They now both have immunity.


This being the second time the contestants are choosing their partners, the unspoken hierarchy of the room is becoming apparent. The Mels team together. Anna and Yvonne, who were a top team last week, re-team up. Meanwhile Katie is stuck being not chosen by anyone and lands with German Robert, who no one wants to work with. McKenzie returns again, this time with dad in tow for the regularly scheduled walk through.

  • Mel&Melissa: They have immunity, so the Westmores practically skip them. No, really, they actually fake out skip them for a second. Michael sort of shrugs at them and says “more.”
  • Katie&Robert: Michael looks really dubious and tells Katie to stop biting off more than she can chew
  • Kaleb&Rob: Their Alien is bursting out of the back of the skull. Michael is more concerned of their “tentacles under the skin” idea
  • Walter&Johnny: They are doing the classic chest buster, with a spinning tooth laden drilling its way out. Michael doesn’t seem all that impressed with it.
  • Ann&Yvonne: He tells her her alien is not “bursting” enough, it’s more “hybrid.”


Mel is doing the same thing she’s done for weeks now, half melting down because she can’t make her sculpt look right, despite the fact that both she and her partner have immunity. I’m far more concerned about Katie being saddled with Robert or Walter and Johnny and their failing chest piece. (They’re not really doing anything to the face at all, so if they can’t get the chest to work, they’ll have nothing.) Day two sees Rob panicking over his molds, but things turn out, as always.

Application day, and though Johnny and Walter managed to make their chest piece, I think it’s still pretty corny. (And what are they putting on his face?) Katie made her huge cowl all by herself, and it’s not lying well. Robert doesn’t help, as always. Let’s see which of the four teams without immunity are screwed.


Lance Hendriksen isn’t showing up for a third time this episode, so we only have our usual three judges. Not that anyone is complaining! I just wonder if they’ll appreciate the use of the slime.

Due to their only being five teams (and one with immunity), there’s no mushy middle, only top and bottom looks.



Melissa&Mel: Enoplid Nematode What I really love about this is the collapsed woman’s face around the neck of the creature that now possesses her body. The inhumanness of the face is merely a bonus. The judges love the slime. Neville loves the human teeth embedded in the gills. Glenn loves the color. Ve is gaga over the whole thing. Funny, no one mentions they have immunity since they are in the top.


Kaleb& Rob: Neris Sandersi Welp, this is frustrating to have to try to post. I knew it would be the moment they said the alien was “coming out of the back of the head,” because SyFy only provides shots of the face, and the front of the look. But the back of this thing is so on the mark. It’s like some sort of slime snail-ish swamp creature is growing from inside the back of his skull outward. Neville almost complains it’s on the back, but then pulls back. Ve and Glenn have nothing bad to say about it. They agree the coloring of the human versus the alien is what makes this work. Their team takes the top prize, with Rob winning for the amazing back of the head cowl. (As Glenn notes, this is his second win in a row.)



Anna&Yvonne: Lepidonotopodium Piscesae It still looks more like an alien/human hybrid than an “alien bursting forth from the face.” It’s a really well done hybrid, but that’s not the point of the challenge. Ve shakes her head and says bifurcating the face in half is always a bad choice. Neville calls it boring.


Walter&Johnny: Tardigrade Yes, the chest piece is spinning, but it still looks bad. It looks like a drill, not an alien. And the head-piece looks like those brain sucker hats they sell from Futurama. Ve compares it to a floppy beret. Glenn says they spent too much time on the chest gag (which he likes, for the record), but not enough on the make up.


Robert&Katie: Taenia Taeniaeformis Speaking of cowls that look like hats. Perhaps it’s the hospital gown, but the overall effect doesn’t look like an alien coming out of anything–it looks like a Talosians who has been hospitalized for brain disease. Neville says the cowl looks like a hood. Glenn says the worm piece sticking out of it doesn’t feel like it’s bursting forth. Everyone agrees the oversized cowl is the main issue, which is a shame, because that was Katie’s work and means she’s the one to be eliminated instead of Robert. Sorry Katie.


2 thoughts

  1. To be fair…German Robert did try to work on the crease in the cowl at last looks. And Katie did brush him off. But yeah. It is time he was sent home. As far as Mel…is it just me or does it seem the ones who are the best sculptors seem to be the most neurotic?


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