Best and Worst of the BAFTAs 2016 Red Carpet

The British Oscars were last night, and lucky for everyone involved, the Grammys aren’t until this evening, meaning that the British stars get to shine at their own version of the Oscars without the competition of a far more downscale Red Carpet happening at nearly the same time on the other end of the planet.

These being the British Oscars, there’s going to be quite a few stars you probably haven’t heard of. But since it is a high end affair, there’s no fear of clown costumes. Everyone came to look their best, and those who missed the mark at least did so in a classy manner.


1 Kate Winslet in Antonio Berardi

I’ve been making fun of Kate Winslet all season, suggesting that she is re-wearing gowns because she figures she’s not going to win, so who would notice. After winning twice in outfits that fell into that category, it looks like she finally clued in, and dressed to step to the podium.

2 Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton

Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton. She’s been making really interesting choices all season. I approve, even if the applique looks like tinsel.

3 Angela Bassett in Galia Lahav

Angela Bassett, showing that she’s learned from watching Oprah Winfrey and the value of having gowns custom made.

4 Julianne Moore in Giorgio Armani

Julianne Moore in Giorgio Armani. She really does look best in stark lines and black and white.

5 Saoirse Ronan in Burberry

Saoirse Ronan in Burberry. Still scoring on all levels with the red carpet ingenue look.

6 Rooney Mara in Givinchy

Rooney Mara in Givinchy. Yes, I know she looks a little like an overgrown woven chair, but it suits her.

7 Cate Blanchett in Alexander McQueen

Cate Blanchett in Alexander McQueen. She really is the queen of This Dress Should Not Work And Yet It Does.

8 Gemma Chan in Jenny Packham

Gemma Chan in Jenny Packham. Jenny Packham does royalty, and that always works for British Red Carpets.

9 Bel Powley in Gucci

Bel Powley in Gucci. If this was on Katy Perry it would be typical. I really love it, but I’m betting most of you wan’t agree.

10 Dakota Johnson in Dior

And Dakota Johnson, squeezing in the Top Ten in Dior, but barely.

Honorable Mentions

11 Isla Fisher in Stella McCartney

Maybe I should have traded in Isla Fisher in Stella McCartney into the Top Ten instead. It’s just that her hair and make up are a bit much.

12 Emilia Clarke in Victoria Beckham

I’m just so happy that Emilia Clarke looks decent in Victoria Beckham, and not all Mother of Dragon-ish, i gave her an honorable mention

13 Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko, in a well deployed nude sheer.

15 Laura Bailey

I love Laura Bailey’s dress, by the eye make up needs to be dialed down.

The Men

16 Idris Elba

The pants are a little skin, but the jacket is awesome.

17 Eddie Redmayne

At least Eddie Always wears his wife as his best accessory.

18 matt-smith-bafta-awards-2016

I need more Matt Smiths on more Red Carpets, please and thanks.

19 michael-fassbender-bafta-awards-2016

Michael Fassbender. You’re welcome.

20 John Boyega in Giorgio Armani

John Boyega in Chocolate. You know you need one of those.

21 Leonardo DiCaprio

I suppose it is his year. But I wish Leo Dicaprio would wash up and be less greasy.

22 Bryan Cranston

Pettable Bryan Cranston.

The Bad

Annabelle Wallis

Red is a safety color, Annabelle Wallis. But this dress is just dowdy and yet oversexed.

Dree Hemingway in Erdem

Dree Hemingway in Erdem. I know Erdem makes these dresses, but that doesn’t mean people should wear them out in public.

Gwen Christie

Gwen Christie in a royal tablecloth with hair that doesn’t match.

Laura Whitmore

Laura Whitmore’s boobs do not look happy in this gown.

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson, not doing the $80 gown proud this time I’m afraid.

The Ugly

Poppy Jamie

Poppy Jamie, in badly seamed upholstery.

Katia Elizarova

Katia Elizarova is a gown that doesn’t fit at all.

Laura Haddock

Laura Haddock in two different gowns that never should have been squished together.

Stacy Martin

Stacy Martin in curtains stolen from a period piece set.

Stephanie Powers

And Stephanie Powers, wearing an Ostrich.


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