The Best and Worst of the Grammys 2016 Red Carpet

The Grammys shifted themselves to Monday night this year, as a way of both getting out of the way of the BAFTAs, as well as hoping to get a better slice of audience. it helped that this was a three days weekend in the US for many people, so the Grammys didn’t feel like they were on a weeknight. We’ll have to see if that changes next year.

Also, unlike some other years, the Grammys red carpet was far more open about the fact that this was not an “arrival” for most of the stars in question. Most had arrived hours earlier and had been receiving awards for the better part of three hours before the Red Carpet even kicked off on television. It certainly is one way to deal with the 83 categories, only the last ten or so of which are shown on prime time. But though there were a few who waited and only showed up for the televised portion (Taylor Swift) most strolled out to hang with Seacrest for a bit like this was their chance for a smoke break.

As for the red carpet glamour….


1 Zendaya In Dsquared2

Giiiiirrrrrrrrrl. Zendaya has been picking up steam on the red carpet over the years since hitting her 18th birthday and graduating from Disney. But this Dsquared2 suit was a whole new level. She was top trend on Twitter for hours afterwards and rightly so. Best look of the night, hands down.

2 Selena Gomez In Calvin Klein

Another tweener who grew up to know how to work a red carpet. Selena Gomez may not be as fashion forward in this Calvin Klein gown, but she’s doing what works for her.

3 Kacey Musgraves In Armani Privé

Kacey Musgraves In Armani Privé. A really well done deployment of mixed jewel tones.

4 Anoushka Shankar In Manish Arora

Anoushka Shankar In Manish Arora. There is no red carpet more suited to the proper deployment of Manish Arora fashions. Props for understanding that.

5 Janelle Monae In Jean Paul Gaulthier

The Grammys red carpet is music’s A-list night, but because it’s only rock and roll, taking oneself too seriously is never a good idea. Janelle Monae perfectly uses the “quirk allowance” for this event to the max in Jean Paul Gaulthier, without going over.

6 Adele In Givenchy

For those who are all about being taken seriously, you could do no better than Adele does here in Givenchy.

7 Lianne La Havas

We don’t get enough bold color on the red carpet. Bravo, Lianne La Havas.

8 Diamond White In J. Pilarsky

Diamond White, doing the Beyonce look to the max in J. Pilarsky

9 Lady Gaga custom Marc Jacobs

In any other context, Lady Gaga’s custom Marc Jacobs would be terrible. But her entire appearance from beginning to end for this event was a tribute to David Bowie, and therefore this works. (Her performance tribute was one of the highlights of the evening.)

10 Bonnie Raitt

Rounding out the Top Ten, Bonnie Raitt, as she always has been and shall always be.

Honorable Mentions

11 Ariana Grande in In Romona Keveza

Brother Frankie was not in attendance, so Ariana Grande could brave the carpet in this well tailored, but slightly safe Romona Keveza.

12 Chrissy Teigen In Yousef Al-Jasmi

Chrissy Teigen in perfect red carpet maternity by Yousef Al-Jasmi

13 Florence-welch In Gucci

Florence Welch In Gucci. It’s so very, very her.

14 Mya

Mya, showing that there is a way to deploy the “white person nude” beige color and have it look damn good. (White girls, don’t try this at home.)

15 Serayah

Serayah, bringing sexy back, almost to the point of pain.

16 Diana Gloster In Tarik Ediz

Diana Gloster in Tarik Ediz, and a little too on the nose.

17 Faith-evans In Stello

Faith Evans in Stello, making one’s forties look like a desirable point in life to reach.

18 Anna-kendrick

Anna Kendrick, playing it pretty but safe.

19 Demi-lovato In Norisol Ferrari

Demi Lovato in Norisol Ferrari, showing the breastbone chain look can work.

20 Bonnie-mckee In Bullet Apparel by Jim Tanner

Bonnie Mckee In Bullet Apparel by Jim Tanner, showing that country tacky can still be attractive.

The Men

21 Nazanin Mandi and Miguel

Best Couple goes to Nazanin Mandi and Miguel.

22 The-weeknd

Best Solo (and best oddball pompadour) goes to the Weeknd.

23 Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar, before he set the stage on fire.

24 Sam-hunt In Dolce & Gabbana

Sam hunt, from Grease‘s Pink Ladies Collection.

25 Wiz-khalifa In Thom Browne

Wiz Khalifa in Thom Browne. I give him points for being Fashion Forward.

26 Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichanh

Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichanh. I suppose we should be glad he got over the hat and shorts phase.

27 Sam-smith

Sam Smith, as Russell Brand’s uptight younger brother.

28 Justin-bieber

Justin Beiber, not aging well.

29 Big-sean in Z Zegna

Big Sean, in how to wear a white tux, and not be mistaken for the waiter.

30 Fetty Wap

We’ll let Fetty Wrap slide.

The Bad

31 Meaghan-Trainor In Michael Costello

Meaghan Trainor In Michael Costello. This is the dress of someone who has a great body, but is told by everyone around her she is hugely overweight and should cover up.

32 Alessandra-Ambrosio In Versace

Alessandra Ambrosio in Versace. This is trying too hard for attention, and yet not hard enough, because it looks like everyone else vying for attention.

33 Ellie-Goulding In Stella McCartney

Ellie Goulding In Stella McCartney. This doesn’t fit her at all.

34 Carrie-underwood In Nicolas Jebran

Carrie Underwood In Nicolas Jebran. Carrie dear, if you’re going to look bored, perhaps you should have let Bo Bice win American Idol instead.

35 Skylar-grey

There are too many women’s faces in uncomfortable places on Skylar Grey’s gown. You’re on a red carpet dear, not a totem pole.

36 Tori-kelly In Gauri & Nainika

Tori Kelly In Gauri & Nainika. This is so many kinds of awful. The cut, the heavy fabric, the color, the seams. Ugh.

37 Tove-lo In Malene Birger (and Givenchy nose ring)

Tove-lo In Malene Birger. I don’t care that the nose ring is by Givenchy. The answer is still no.

38 Ciara

Ciara, in any old thing she could find at the last minute when she heard Rihanna went home sick and needed a seat filler.

The Ugly

Cam Wearing Georges Chakra

Cam in Georges Chakra. Wearing Big Bird isn’t ok.

39 Elle-king In Christian Siriano

Elle King In Christian Siriano. She just looks so painfully awkward, like a child playing dress up.

40 Taylor-swift In Atelier Versace

Oh Taylor. I mean, this goes exactly into the current wheelhouse she’s standing in. it’s perfect for what she’s selling. And I just hate the color combo, the cut, everything. i just hate all of it.

Kimberly Schlapman


41 Dencia

Dencia in her pajamas.

42 Manika In ARThur Christine

There’s always one who shows up to the Music Awards scene with no clothes on, every time. This year it was Manika In ARThur Christine.

The Go Home Please, You’re Embarrassing Yourselves

Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp

I loved you once Johnny Depp. I really did. But this is just the saddest thing I’ve ever seen.


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