Project Runway All Stars: Windbags

Last week, Project Runway: All Stars decided against sending any of their contestants home after the first challenge. I assumed at the time this was due to not being able to eliminate Mitchell, since Daniel flopped so very badly. But it turns out it served a secondary purpose. Drama!

This week also features a promo for Alvin Aley American Dance Theater, as that’s where the designers meet Alyssa. For once I don’t mind the company being advertised. Even though this is not a challenge that has to do with dance, the dancers will not be the models and basically they are only here so that they can get shown on a basic cable show. The challenge is to design something that will look good walking into a Wind Machine. Though I suppose that sketching while watching dancers perform is one of the better inspirations the designers have had.


There’s $300 and 30 minutes to shop at Mood. There’s also lots of silks and chiffons in the bags, lots of capes, caftans and high low gowns being sketched. Back in the workroom, there’s a smaller wind machine so that the designers who haven’t ever seen one can get a realistic idea of what their outfits will be undergoing the next day, and how they actually respond.

Back in the workroom there is also all sorts of drama, the continuing flap over Sam blogging Season 13 and making fun of Mitchell continues to be an issue. Knowing that the show almost certainly brought Sam back (and turned Under the Gunn into “Project Runway Season 12.5” in order to legally do so) because of his recaps, and his snark doesn’t make it any better. Mitchell tying his insecure self up in knots over it only ensures that the curious will go seek out Sam’s blog and read it. And let;’s be real guys: I’m pretty sure whatever Sam said, it was nothing on the bitchiness of TLo, who by Season 13 were beyond done with the program.

Let’s move on to Zanna. She is appalled, and says everyone is playing it too safe. Perhaps if you gave them a bit more time?


  • Valerie: Chiffon twirly dance dress, with one sleeve. Zanna hates the sleeve.
  • Sam: Zebra striped drama dress. Zanna demands more drama. Sam does not need more drama.
  • Daniel: I have no idea what that is, other than a cry for help. Zanna hates it.
  • Layana: It looks like it comes from the same dance collection as Valerie’s, but in blue.
  • Mitchell: At least his fabrics work together. The overall look is still a disaster though.
  • Emily: Did she walk into mood and ask for the most 90s grunge print chiffon they had?
  • Kini: Y B Yello? Y not B Tasteful? Oh I forgot, he’s dip dying it.


  • Dom: In this case, black is really boring. Zanna looks pained.
  • Asha: Sam said something earlier about this show making him feel like UTG had been Kindergarten. Asha hasn’t graduated yet.
  • Alexander: He claims there will be a cape. I see no cape. Zanna calls his concept “Wicked Witch of the Runway.”
  • Ken: They are staring at a drawings, because his dummy is empty. Zanna starts fretting that two many capes will make this a superhero challenge.
  • Stella: Are those leather fringe straps blowing in the wind? They are.
  • fäde: It looks like Aretha Franklin would wear it. Zanna tells him to go stand it in front of the wind machine. It is a failure.


In the workroom, the models come and go, talking of wind machines, don’t you know? Walking in front of the machines too. Which mostly serves to show that the chiffons are way see thru and there are lots of underlayers that need making, or there will be a lot of underwear showing up.

Day of runway, and Kini’s dye job came out really well. If one more contestants worrying about blowing away the judges I am going to buy them all books of better puns. Let’s whip through the Name Dropping Hair Salon, and breeze around the Product Displaying Make Up People. The Separated Shoe and Accessory Walls flutter by. It’s time to drift down to the runway.


Alyssa is in a thick blue romper with a high neck that looks like it came from the Snuggie Summerwear Collection. Georgina Chapman showed up for work this week. Isaac Mizrahi is raring to go with the snark. The guest judge is the nearly forgotten star of the flash in the pan fad High School Musical, Vanessa Hudgens. Alyssa once again reminds up of the AnthonyRywan Rule, with a big old “design so we know it’s you nudge nudge wink wink.

Let’s crank up the wind machine to full and see who weathers the storm.

Mushy Middle


Asha: My First Beyonce Mini, paired with a random slice of fabric from Dom’s leftover chiffon bolt.


Ken: Look at the wind, look how it blows for you and everything that you do and it was all yellow.


Stella: It’s a wind challenge, and she put leather and metal on the runway. I suppose there’s something to be said for sticking to her POV.


Layana: The frozen ice skating bodice is hard to ignore even in the blowing chiffon.


Mitchell: I don’t hate the idea of the woven seatbelt dress. I hate the execution.


Dom: The only one who made pants.


Daniel: He finished his outfit!



Kini: I don’t love the lace bodice, but the tequila sunrise gown is pretty impressive.  He gets major points for the dye job. But Isaac calls the lace cheap, and the judges agree that it was two different dresses mashed together.


Valerie: A frozen iceskaing bodice. The Marilyn Monroe skirt kinda makes up for it, but meh. The judges love it, but curiously, Georgina’s highlighted complement is that she knew it was Valerie’s, so she knew she was voting for Valerie when she gave it high marks.


Sam: The stripes help accentuate the movement of the fabric. His is one of the few that feels like the whole dress is designed for the wind machine, not just one part of it. (Love the driving scarf headpiece too.) I am not a fan of Sam or his attitude, but even I can’t deny this was the best gown on the runway, and the only one that really nailed the challenge. Isaac notes that too–it was the only gown that moved with the wind, instead of being an outfit that had one part made or tacked on that was “wind  friendly.”

Not only does he win, but Vanessa will wear his dress. That’s nice.



Alexander: It’s all about the cape. So much so the dress is practically unfinished. The judges praise the cape and the parachute aspect of it. But they can’t ignore how bad the dress is. Georgina tries to couch her calling it “costume” as nicely as she can. Isaac is more blunt, saying if they took the cape away, this would be what they were left with and this is not acceptable. Still he’s sent to safety first.


fäde: A gold gown for a woman of a certain age, with that chiffon wrap piece she always wears so she can hide her decolletage. Except the chiffon is pinned on. The judges all shake their heads at the heavy dress fabric, which seems really heavy and “rigid.”


Emily: The chiffon caftan isn’t bad, but those shorts are inexperienced and ruinous. And yeah, so we’re doing this. Georgina thinks they are appalling, calling them gym shorts. Isaac cannot get over the terrible and clearly visible underwear choices.

I feel like either of them would be a fine choice to send home here, since both didn’t do that well on the challenge. Not surprised fäde is sent home though, since he doesn’t bring any drama to backstage.


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