Your Daily Kitty Is Still Under The Weather

Sorry gang

photo (72)


3 thoughts

  1. Feel better! Did you get this killer cold/flu thing that’s going around? I started getting sick last Friday, it hit with a vengeance on Sunday, and I wasn’t really mobile until Wednesday….and I’m still not over it.

    Chicken soup and warm blankets for all!

    Thankfully it’s Friday…hopefully everyone gets some down time this weekend.


  2. Yay Friday. Boo, under the weather.

    Today’s doctor’s appointment ended with the surgeon high-fiving my mom. She still has to pass medical clearance (cardiologist, etc) before she can have surgery but the chemo did its job. If all goes well she should be having the surgery in early April.

    Also, here is some funk


    1. Yay for good doctor’s appointments! Especially from high-fiving surgeons, since they are not known for being demonstrative. 🙂


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