Your Daily Kitty Gets Nipped



4 thoughts

  1. Today is George Washington’s & Edward Gorey’s birthdays. Don’t know why I want to make something of that.


    1. That’s an interesting juxtaposition. Somehow I am envisioning a Gorey-esque version of Washington and the cherry tree, complete with bloody hatchet and other such weirdnesses.


  2. Cats will consume cat nip until their receptors are all full. Then they will stop. They don’t become addicted or needy or overdose. But they do like it when they have it.
    And they don’t fight over it.
    Cats are better adjusted than we are.


    1. Interesting. I wonder if that means that cats have a different learning/reward pathway in their brains. Certainly rats and mice can become addicted to various substances Or maybe just cats are smarter than we mere humans.


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