Face Off Season 10: Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

I’ve been laid out sick the last couple of weeks, and unfortunately missed not one, but two episodes, including The Gauntlet! Last year’s gauntlet win for Nora put her in a  frontrunner position from which she never really left. Will last week do the same for Mel? (I’m going to say no–the decision to hand out immunities along the way meant that those who could have won the whole shebang, like Rob and Melissa, were basically taken out of the running because they won too early.) Meanwhile we lost Johnny and Kaleb. I was slightly surprised by the former, but not at all by the latter.

With seven contestants left, this week is the “mirror” challenge that the trailers have been hyping since the beginning of the season. Seven enchantresses in beauty make ups are on hand, each with a little hand mirror baring their character’s name. The contestants will each pick one. Their job is to create the evil witch underneath that their character really looks like when the glamour magic is taken away.


To wit:

  • Rob: Dragon Queen
  • Yvonne: Corpse Conjurer
  • Melissa: The Wiccan of the Woods
  • Anna: Shadow Enchantress
  • Robert: Sea Witch
  • Mel: Temptress of the Flame
  • Walter: Emerald Empress

The designers hang out with their models during the design phase. But instead of interviewing them, the models sit and pose for pictures while the designers tell them the back story they’re making up for the character. (For the record, I don’t see any of the usual models among the group this week.)


Back at the lab the Westmores turn up and check in during the sculpting phase.

  • Melissa: Her Wiccan Witch’s evil side is that she looks like a tree. Westmore is concerned, because painting wood to look like wood is really hard.
  • Walter: His Emerald Witch has emeralds embedded in her face. Westmore tells them they need to be accents
  • Robert: He wants to make a pretty evil witch. Point of the challenge, missed.
  •  Anna: Her stock has fallen in the last two weeks, and Westmore’s treatment of her speaks to that.
  • Mel: He tells her not to “over flame” her “Flame enchantress.”
  • Rob; He was all about dragons before the challenge, and picked the Dragon Witch. So he’s doing…a boring old age make up. Westmore’s eyebrows go up.

Rob goes back to the drawing board, and comes back with something between Maleficent from Snow White and Goat Boy. Mel and Anna come over and try and talk him through fixing it. In turn, Yvonne talks Mel through using vacuu-form and a heat gun to make fiery shapes.


Day two, and the advising each other continues. Mel talks Yvonne through being more anatomically accurate on her neck. Rob talks Walter through the best may to mold her shoulders. No one has mold drama as much as Anna simply fails at time management. Personally, I think that’s worse, since it can’t magically be fine.

Application Day and no one is doing the Polyfoam Run of Shame, which is something of a miracle. Also, we have the reveal of how the characters looking at each other in the mirror is achieved. Remember how those original models were not our usual group? Well, those who turn up today *are* our usual group. The trick is that there is no trick–it’s two different models. I suppose you might consider the trailer shots to therefore have been smoke and mirrors.

Let’s see what the judges have to say.


There were no guest with McKenzie at the top of the show, nor are there here at judgement time. It’s just Ve, Glenn and Neville in the usual seats. For those of us who missed the last couple of weeks, McKenzie helpfully reminds the judges they still haven’t used their “special immunity” on anyone this season. I’m starting to wonder if they will.

Mushy Middle


Melissa: The Wiccan of the Woods The Borg assimilate Trees now.


Mel: Temptress of the Flame Too pretty to win, but I love the headdress, and I’m sorry the judges won’t learn it’s made of coffee grounds.


Walter: Emerald Empress The Night’s King‘s Neon Green Wife. I’m amazed they let this skate.



Yvonne: Corpse Conjurer If Jack Skellington and the Cryptkeeper had a daughter. I love how smooth the face is. Glenn says it’s even better up close. The judges love the face work, noting how soft yet creepy it looks. Ve says it looks like her skin fused with her skull. I’m surprised this doesn’t win.


Rob: Dragon Queen The amount of work he pulled off is really impressive, but the face still reads a bit more Elfin Goat Lady than it does Dragon Queen. The judges are wowed by the amount of work. Ve is just over the moon about the back, though she does note the face is a little masculine. I get why he wins, but personally I would have given it to Yvonne.



Robert: Sea Witch One side of the face is too pretty. The other is a cartoon fish. The overall effect is neat from afar, but up close, it is way too cartoon like. Still, I would have put Walter in the bottom two instead of this one, which says how much Robert has raised his game since my last recap. The judge’s complaint is that he didn’t follow the challenge–she’s not all the way transformed. Neville also doesn’t think it’s sophisticated enough, with the fin sticking out of the cheek.


Anna: Shadow Enchantress Ooh, everything about this is unfortunate. The face is way too blocky, the paint job looks unfinished, and the mouth looks like it’s not going to survive the judging phase on stage before it falls off. Glenn calls it “worse than he initially feared,” and feels she missed the point of the challenge.

Anna knows it’s not good enough, and that standing next to Robert, her chances of survival are low. (I think she’d have a better chance going against Walter.) The only question is if she might get that immunity. The answer is no.


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