Your Daily Kitty Is Not Pleased By This Scenario



5 thoughts

  1. My cat is sad because although she desperately wants to discuss a needed jobs and infrastructure plan, her friend just wants to make jokes about the latest “girther” scandal.


  2. Tonight for the pot luck, I am taking potatoes cubed in 3/4 inch dice, parboiled then finished in the top of a double-boiler in a bechamel sauce with nutmeg and ground black pepper.
    Or as my mother called when I learned this decades ago, creamed potatoes in white sauce.
    Ridiculously easy, keeps hot very well, and productive of undeserved praise.

    I can use some undeserved praise this week to counter the undeserved blame.


    1. It’s been a really hard week. I can’t wait to get out of work and get to the gym and try and burn off some of this stress…


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