Your Daily Kitty’s Escape Route Is Blocked



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  1. I took my mother to her post-op check up today. All well went. While in the waiting room, the news channel carried a presser PM Trudeau had with DC grad and post-doc students. The cataract-surgery-aged crowd was enthralled. He was so smart and well-spoken (for a young guy).


      1. You most certainly qualify as young…if only because you’re the same age as my baby brother. 🙂


    1. I was reading a couple of the articles about the Trudeau-Obama meetings, and I was thinking about how nice it must be for both of them personally to have a peer – some sort of kinship, as it were. That is, another head of state, not too far apart in age, whose countries are not adversaries (though of course their national interests are different and with different priorities….but not wildly different).


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