Your Daily Kitty Burrow Fails



One thought

  1. Last night as I was leaving the theatre, I overhead two people talking as we all walked down the stairs. They were very enthusiastic both about the play (The Secret Mask -very good) and the live theatre experience. They enthused about how drawn in they were, and the shared experience with no interruptions

    I had to physically go to the bank today. First time in years. I needed to find out the withdrawal limits on my ATM/Debit card and couldn’t find it in my on-line banking anywhere. (In Canada, the ATM card doubles as a debit card and has since the early 80s)
    I actually had to speak to a live person. (Only because I didn’t want to talk over the phone, I love on-line banking, but shy away from phone banking).
    The bank people were very pleasant, but it was still strangely like something out of a distant past.


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