John Oliver Once Again Takes on Trump

It’s one part immigrant’s rage. It’s one part comedian’s dream. And it’s one part righteous anger that this sham con man of a demagogue has co opted a major political party in the United States using good old fashion misogyny and racism as his weapons. But John Oliver looks to have made it his mission to do what the actual news networks have been thus far unable to do, because they are too busy feeding on the rating teet that Trump has provided them: tear this mother fucker and his bullshit ideas down.

It struck me the other week when Oliver did his first piece on Trump that here was a comedian doing the hard work to portray Trump as a bad candidate, while the politician, Marco Rubio, was out on the campaign trial trying to be the comedian. It strikes me again that here is Oliver pointing out the ludicrousness of Trump’s plan, while the politicians squabble over their ineffectiveness against him. perhaps if they all weren’t trying to pretend they’d build a wall, they’d be able to effectively point out how dishonest such promises were.

John Oliver’s season runs from February straight through to November without only a few holiday weekends off. let’s hope he spends it doing the good work needed for the full run of this US Election.


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