Face Off Season 10: World of MakeupCraft

Two weeks in a row of the Final Five. if I didn’t know better, I’d say this was so SyFy could maximize the BSG references. (But I do know better, because otherwise they would have found a way to work them in to CNN’s unfortunate use of the same phrase earlier this week.) No, SyFy is not trying to promote itself and the glory years. Instead it’s going to promote World of Warcraft.

Yes, this week’s set dressings for the warehouse workspace are supposed to recall Azeroth. (Spoiler alert, it looks more like a movie ad than anything to do with the original game.) McKenzie has the Senior Art Director from the movie, Chris Robinson, on hand to introduce the challenge: pick a Warcraft race (any Warcraft race, just as long as it’s not one that will be in the movie!) and transform it into an on-screen Azerothian. To wit!


  • Rob: Tauren
  • Walter: Draenei
  • Mel: Troll
  • Yvonne: Goblin
  • Melissa: Worgen

No one picked the Pandaren, sorry drunken nerds. Not everyone is familiar with the interactive submissive game which is as notorious for becoming shorthand for everything bad about living a life online in the early aughts as it is for the lexicon it provided to the internet today. Rob and Mel are both at a complete loss. Walter, on the other hand, is a superfan, as is Melissa. The two of them are both helpful to their fellow artists, but not as helpful as Robinson, who does a pre-walkthrough before the Westmore critique in order to head off any embarrassing trainwrecks.


That may be good, because when Westmore comes along, he clearly doesn’t know much about WoW–just fantasy.

  • Yvonne: Her goblin suffers from the conflicting advice she gets from Westmore. Robinson told her to go cute. Her image is a cute little goblin girl. And yet, she’s gotten it into her head that goblins can’t be cute, and Westmore, who knows goblins like Harry Potter goblins, encourages this bad direction.
  • Melissa: I don’t understand why she’s going “mid-transformation” and neither does Westmore.
  • Rob: He’s already struggling with his choice, though it’s more that he’s bit off too much work than it is bad design ideas. Westmore is judging design ideas and tells him to carry on.
  • Walter: His tentacles are really cool. Westmore approves.
  • Mel: She took everything Robinson gave her an absorbed it, so even though Westmore’s advice is mediocre, she’s heading in a  good direction.

Another boon for Mel is that having no good idea what she’s aiming for other than what she’s told means she can’t freak out that her ideas aren’t good enough. One big problem though, for both her and Melissa, is they both landed the three- and four-fingered creatures, which means they have the added onerous of hand prosthesis. They bands together to work out the logistics, but neither seem very successful in their attempts.


Rob lands the mold drama edit this week, but, for the second time in the show’s history, the mold drama edit is warranted, and his horn mold really and truly fails. This isn’t like the time Roy’s mold failed because it was too big either. This is the “inability for the mold to pop” issue, where we’ve seen fellow contestants come over and help with the man power. In this case there’s nothing for it. The mold won’t pop for anything, leaving Rob not only hornless, but with no time to make his original hunchback piece he was going to do when he was done with the horns.

Application Day finds Rob in understandable despair. Melissa, meanwhile is also having issues since her design idea wasn’t the best to begin with, and though she’s attempting to salvage the with paint, the results for once seem to be getting worse, not better. Her only hope is that Yvonne, who has been mushying along for the entire season really failed to understand what Robinson meant when he told her to make her Goblin “cute.”

Let’s see if the judges know what they are looking at, and what they make of it.


The judges are not alone this week, thank heavens. Not that I assume none of them know anything about WoW, but other than Glenn, I kind of assumes none of them known anything about WoW. We don’t have Chris Robinson back to judge though (not really sure why not.) Instead former WoW competitive champion Robert Kazinsky is here. (As someone who has played thousands of hours of the game, he’ll know exactly what these looks should be.)

Mushy Middle


Rob: Tauren Like last week, all five are critiqued, but despite all the calamities that befell it, Rob’s Hammerhead Bull somehow mushies on through.



Mel: Troll Considering she knew nothing of what she was aiming for, the way she hit the mark perfectly is impressive. The skin tone is especially well done, since it could have easily been a good reason to sing the Eiffel 65 Song. The huge troll mohawk is borderline hilarious without actually being comedic.


Walter: Draenei Walter probably had the biggest advantage, but also had the most to prove, as he is a huge Warcraft geek. If he had failed on this badly, it would have said very bad things for his chances for the finale, since this should have been an easy lay up for him. But he did not fail. Instead he was the only one to nail the challenge, even if his face looks like an albino Klingon. No surprise he takes the win.



Melissa: Worgen If Walter’s success was because of how deeply this is in his wheelhouse, Melissa’s collapse this week is a very bad sign for her finale chances. She too knew exactly what she should aim for, and like last week, she stumbled hard. the difference is last week she managed to recover. Here she did not, turning out a doggy housewife instead of a Worgen druid.


Yvonne: Goblin Oof. Wicked Witch of the West in her gardening outfit, or maybe her welding leathers. But, let’s be real. Yvonne was never going to make the finale–that she made it this far by never being as bad as the worst looks only gets you so far. She did have a highlight or two, but if it had been her in the bottom last week, chances are the save would have gone unused.


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