DWTS Best of the Night

There’s always one week Ms Isobel is out, and this week she missed the disaster that was Latin night. (I’m sure she’s probably slightly relieved.)

Best of the Night: Paige VanZant and Substitute Pro Alan Bersten. (Mark Ballas sidelined with a back injury.)

Paige lucked the hell out this week–I’m sure she and Mark would have been fine, and as usual, his teaching is producing results. But for this performance night, Alan brought that extra sumin sumin, as they say, and Paige stepped up to match.

Runner Up: Wanya Morris and Pro Lindsey Arnold

I think if Paige hadn’t stepped up, this would have been my favorite of the evening. Wanya clearly is really into being on this show, and is giving this his all. I’m sure Ms Isobel would have technical demerits to give, but the ounce for ounce passion and dedication for me topped any foot failings.

Worst of the Night (and considering how bad most were that’s saying something) and Also Eliminated (and thank heavens for that.) Geraldo Rivera and Pro Edyta Sliwinska.

I know Ms Isobel was all excited about Edyta’s return, but any pro who allows their contestant to do a number dressed up like Donald Trump while ex Marla Maples is not only in the room, but a fellow contestant needs a serious sit down and talking to over the concept of class and taste, and I’m not talking about the kind of class and taste that Trump is always acting like he’s on about. For that alone, I am glad to see the back of the both of them.



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