Your Daily Kitty Is Camouflaged

“You can’t see me!” *waves paw*



5 thoughts

  1. We must all get up for the funk so we can get down for the weekend!

    I hope everyone and those they love are doing well on the health front. Good luck to your mom re surgery, Nora.

    It’s been a hard week but I am hoping to at least get some sleep at some point this weekend.


  2. So I was two degrees from Royalty this morning. I was taking my mom to her cataract follow-up appt. Just before us at the desk was a person who said she was FirstName. The receptionist said: FirstName LastName? Yes
    She is the LtGov (Brit Pronunciation please) of my province. This makes her the Queen’s rep here, She reports to David Johnson, Governor General of all the Canadas, who reports to HM the Queen.
    All symbolic of course, but a real vice-regal personage. No flunkies or anything like that though.
    So how near where you to the queen this morning?


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