Your Daily Kitty Has an Important Announcement

As you all may have noticed, we went dark this week. That ends tomorrow. We will be returning as of tomorrow morning, and hopefully rebuilding ourselves up to the blogging levels of yore within a few weeks.

Why the pause? And why have we been so scattershot since the beginning of 2016? Come children, let me tell you a story.

I'll groom you if you groom me

In March of 2011, I took my WordPress account–which I had sporadically blogged on since the mass LiveJournal Exodus of 2008–and gave myself a challenge, somewhat based upon the feedback I had received from TNC’s Horde. Blog once a day. Every day. Teach myself how to write.

It was painful at first–not that I knew it, but I go back now and read my Game of Thrones recaps from the first season and they are disjointed, unreadable, lacking context. You fall into my thoughts in the middle without warning and then back out again without so much as a by your leave. But I kept at it. By June of that year I was already up to 3 posts a day. By March of 2012, I was doing 5 regularly.

At some point in 2012, I remember thinking–I want to do this for a living. I don’t remember why or when I thought this. But it became a thing. I was going to become a blogger….somehow. This was the thing I was supposed to be doing–this was my calling. If only it had existed as a career choice when I was in college in the late 90s.

In 2013 I landed my first job with an editor, and my writing–which had gone from contextless to overly verbose–tightened up enormously. That job only lasted a few months–Rob got cancer and my life went to hell. But the lessons stuck.

Then in 2014, luck struck. In repayment for getting her a job in her hour of need, Kate Cox stuck my writing resume under the nose of a brand new EiC of WinterIsComing. It was my break. And either in six months I would be out of there as fast as I had been at the first one, or I would be well on my way to a blogging career.

A year later, the heads of FanSided came to me with a proposition–launching my own site, from scratch. It’s been a lesson in everything I did wrong when I started (And also how wrong I’ve been about how to use Facebook all these years.) But it’s also been a joy–even though for stretches I found that in order to make it work, I had to turn away from my own site completely in order to balance blogging, life and my day job. For those of you who missed my recaps, my fashion blogging and my daily open threads, I apologize. But it was worth the sacrifice.

It is now eighteen months since I first started at WiC, and today was my last day at my day job. Tomorrow I begin a full time career as an entertainment writer, working at FanSided. I, who have never had a five year plan in my life, have done this in five years and five weeks to the day I originally challenged myself to write, once a day. There are so many people to thank for this. Kate Cox, who never stopped believing I could do this. Imandi Gandy for first bringing me on to write somewhere than my own house. Dacia Mitchell, who taught me to omit all the needless words and to kill all my long sentences. Rowan Kaisar, for taking a chance of an insane person who couldn’t stop writing. Emily Hauser, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Alyssa Rosenberg and everyone else who promoted my posts and linked back to my writing. The good people at FanSided, who believed I could really launch  and run my own fansite.

But I want to thank myself too, for actually believing I could do this too, and sticking with it with dogged determination. I Should Have Been a Blogger, goddamn it. And now I am.

I’ll see you all back here tomorrow with my recap of last night’s episode of Agents of Shield as well as tonight’s episode of Face Off. You can continue to read all of my Harry Potter coverage at Wizards & Whatnot, my Game of Thrones writing at WiCnet and occasional Star Wars stuff at Dorkside.


13 thoughts

  1. Woot!! That’s fantastic and wonderful! Snoopy dances and champagne!! 🙂

    (also, the Horde will take over the internet and there will be oatmeal and tea for all!)


  2. Strong work, and congratulations.

    The content here has been missed (not seeing your thought on the end of Agent Carter was a loss), but real work takes priority.


  3. Yay! Well done. I am so happy for you. And I am looking forward to seeing what comes next. So much excellence


  4. Congratulations! Long time lurker from the Horde days here – I have always enjoyed your work Anibundel – keep on!


  5. Congratulations on having become a professional entertainment writer on the Internet, sufficient that this is now your full time paid occupation. You tell a story of a thus far highly successful hard learning experience outside the university and any academic or training courses or degrees. I know from the history of journalism well before the Internet, and before there were courses in writing or MFAs in universities; — that the way to become a journalist was to be hired by a newspaper and write your brains and your heart out. Russell Banker (familiar as an older host of Masterpiece Theater) in his autobiography tells of what it was to become a successful professional journalist before the 1960s. So there is a long honorable tradition of this going back to the 18th century. I have visited your sites but I am unable to read them from the perspective of the writers as columnists; they are written only from the point of view of characters, content of stories and celebrity kinds of information. I can find yours on Harry Potter and Winter is Coming. This blog (alas not yet paid) is where you shine as a particular voice, so do not give it up — which I can see you are not. I’d like to have some stirring passage from the greatest of American writers. I don’t know enough of them. But I have found these from James Baldwin’s Nobody Knows My Name:

    It is very nearly impossible…to become an educated person in a country so distrustful of the independent mind …
    It is rare indeed that people give. Most people guard and keep.
    They suppose that it is they themselves and what they identify
    with themselves that they are guarding and keeping, whereas
    what they are actually guarding and keeping is their system
    of reality and what they assume themselves to be ….
    One can only face in others what one can face in oneself. On this confrontation depends the measure of our wisdom and compassion …

    You have given and shown that independent mind. By the way, “omit needless words” comes from Strunk’s The Elements of Style.

    Ellen Moody


  6. Congratulations on the new job!! Long-time lurker from TNC site. I’ll really miss your Project Runway recaps!


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