Face Off Season 10: Hellhole Finale Part 1

It took a long time. Face Off first premiered way back in 2011, and as its popularity took off, and it moved to two cycles a year, the show ate through many seasons. The challenges have been great. The contestants both fun to watch while not actually overemoting for the cameras or behaving like headless drama queens like some fashion based reality shows we could mention here. But for the first eight seasons, this was a show that could not figure out how to do a proper finale challenge.

From bad modern dance to jousting, the show has vainly searched for a proper finale for a show based on movie make up, foolishly assuming it couldn’t actually, you know, actually have the designers design make up for a movie.But last year, former judge Patrick Tatopoulos showed them how much the production had underestimated themselves. Not only that but how much of a disservice they had done their product all these years by not having a finale that actually made sense for the show’s subject.


This year, they have not brought Patrick back to direct short films for the designers to create make up for. Instead they’ve gotten a hold of Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions, who is a famous name in the low-budget horror genre, and has done such films as Insidious, which Face Off promoted via a challenge a couple of seasons back. He’s brought along some “up and coming” (read: nobody) directors to do three shorts for an anthology film based on the short story “Hellhole” from The Blumhouse Book of Nightmares.  Like last year, the first episode will focus on the make up design and a camera test. Next week, they’ll shoot the films and declare a winner.

As always, the show brings back the eliminated contestants to assist the three finalists, and draw an extra paycheck. To wit!FaceOff_gallery_1013Recap_03


  • Melissa: Yvonne and Johnny (Director John Wynn)
  • Walter: Mel and Robert (Director Ryan Spindell)
  • Rob: Anna and Kaleb (Director Bryce McGuire)

Since all three are doing the same story, just under different concepts from directors, the characters are easy to keep track of. Everyone is making a demon and a possessed person, so the major variation is the demon, which then informs the possessed person.

We will get a Westmore Walkthrough this week for the final time. And he’s brought along a friend: Lois Burwell, whose withering British tinged put downs have been sorely missed this season.



  • Rob: Westmore likes the Voldemortian lack of nose on Rob’s Japanese enspired demon, but once Lois says it looks like a lion, I can’t unsee it.
  • Walter: The looks at his possessed person, and ooh and ahh over the vine concept. Westmore actually says “Ooh-ahh” at the earth bound demon.
  • Melissa: Lois and Westmore stay their possessed person is way too subtle and human looking. Their demon is a cyclops.

The actual make up concepts seem to be going ok–at least, as far as the designs on paper being brought to life. If the directors will agree with them is definitely questionable–especially once Rob decides he’s resculpting the entire demon to resemble a rhino. (It does not look like a rhino.) What seems to be tripping everyone up is the need to create a “demonic symbol” to go with them, and where to put the symbol.


Nobody seems happy with the cheesy ideas they come up with. Party because no one seems to embrace the concept of having a demonic symbol as cheesy. EMBRACE THE CHEESE.

Let us see if the directors are good for some cheese, or if it’s whine all the way down.

No judges this week, since it’s not final judgement, and we don’t want the camera test to sway their opinions down the line. The Westmores are on hand though, so there is someone on hand for the camera test from the production. Everyone cross your fingers it goes ok.


Melissa: I feel like I just saw her cyclops a couple of challenges ago, and her possessed human isn’t possessed enough. But the director loves the cyclops–just not her demonic symbol chest piece. He does agree the human needs more dehumanizing, and wants more “oil” leaking out of him.


Walter: Even though there’s a touch of the Toxic Avenger to his demon, Walter’s stuff looks great on camera. Much like last season, I feel like this is pretty good sign that he’s the one who will take this, since he has the least amount of notes to implement and will have time to focus on whatever third character might show up next week.


Rob: This was hard, because we could tell Rob was going in the wrong direction early and often, and he didn’t do anything about it that didn’t make it worse. His demon looks like a goat. His possessed lady looks like she wandered over from a Night of the Living Dead set across the way. The director hates it, and Rob is now screwed, since he has to rethink both his designs, and will probably not be able to deal with an extra curveball next week.

We’ll have to see if there is a curveball, next week.


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