Your Daily Kitty is Taking Up Baking



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  1. The Great Kitty Baking Show with Paul Kittywood and Mary Berry.

    Today at my check-up (which went very well), I saw something I have not seen in a long time: A doctor in a white coat. Seeing a doctor is nothing new to me of course, with my life of doctors and surgeons, but I have not seen a doctor, surgeon, or resident in a white coat for a long time. Mostly male doctors will sometimes go as far as wearing a tie, while female doctors will wear a nice (not-scrubs) top, but not usually a white coat. It’s a wonder my blood pressure didn’t spike due to white coat syndrome.
    Tomorrow is a filling at the dentist who doesn’t wear a white coat either, a nice smock, but not a white coat.


    1. Interesting. I have found that my regular doctor wears a white coat, but the orthopedic doc does not. I used to have one doctor who always wore a dirty white coat (i.e. there was always some sort of semi-fresh semi-identifiable stains on it – blood, other body fluids, food, etc). Yuck. She was a good doc, though. Most of the specialists I’ve seen wear white coats, except the neurologist, who never did.

      My sibling has a partner in her practice who always wears a cartoon-themed tie (he’s a pediatrician), and sometimes a white coat. He has said that many kids these days don’t recognize some of his ties since those cartoons aren’t on tv anymore, plus who gets the newspaper these days to see the comics. i.e. Peanuts, Bugs Bunny and the like.


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