Doctor Strange: First Trailer

I’ve been rather on the fence about the upcoming Doctor Strange movie. It’s partly due to the entire rack of new characters they’re going to start throwing at us (I’d like my Captain Marvel movie more than yet another white dude, please and thanks. And hold the Spiderman.) It’s also partly due to the overcasting of Benedict Cumberbatch. (And I say this as a total fan of just about everything he’s done.)

But then I saw the trailer….and I think I might be more sold on this movie than I have been on a stand alone Marvel film since Captain America: Winter Soldier. (For the record, I do not count the new Captain America movie as a stand alone. It’s Avengers 2 1/2.)

But I’m not seeing this for Cumberbatch–though I’m sure I’ll enjoy him. I’m seeing this joint for Tilda Swinton.


One thought

  1. I adore Swinton’s work, but unfortunately, the directorial decision to cast her makes her Ancient One a whiter-than-usual example of the Oscar’s So White phenomenon.

    Much like Avatar: The Last Airbender, the character in question is supposed to be as intensely Asian as possible. Specifically, the distilled embodiment of “Wizened Tibetan Mystic Guru”. None of that role was begging to be cast by the woman famous for being the White Witch of Narnia and one of the most sophisticated albino vampires of recent years.


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