Sodabunny: Buncutus of the Borg

One of Three, tertiary adjunct of Unisodamatrix 01, but you can just call him Buncutus of the Borg.


Soda… er Buncutus is testing out this costume in the excitement for the return of Star Trek to both big screen and television. Check out a few of his adventures below.


Posing near an open CPU that’s undergoing repairs is pretty effective.


*scanning for intelligent life*


Hey waiiiiit. why are we outside?

2016-04-03 (2)

Buncutus is put out that his red laser eye is not nearly as impressive under daylight conditions.


Grocery shopping is such un-borg like behavior.

0 (1)

Perhaps these mushrooms will consent to being assimilated.



Thankfully these fruit understand what is it to look like all your brothers and sisters.


Time for a nice fruity drink. The best way to assimilate. Today: fruit, tomorrow: THE GALAXY.

As always you can check out our other Soda Bunny adventures here or on Tumblr.


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