Project Runway: All Stars “Rebel Rebel, You’ve Torn Your Dress”

Project Runway is getting philanthropic and they want you to know about it! This week’s episode is brought to you by the letters N and P, for the fashion company N:Philanthropy, which is only too happy to use the show as a promotional vehicle for the raising of funds. Their representative Yvonne Niami announces they will also be using the designers for the curation of a new look for their daywear collection, which they like to cliché as “A Rebel with a Cause.” Unlike their regular sales (of which only 10% go to charity) 100% of the winning design will go to charity, presumably since they won’t have to pay the contestant for their work.

A $250 budget for Mood, and of course only one day to design and create their look. Sketching happens in Mood yet again this season–is this a time-saving measure, so they don’t have to stop back in the workroom? I suppose that means Mood is cool with it, so hey, why not?


Alyssa made sure to emphasize that the look is “summer” possibly to stave off way too much leather buying–there are leather skins bought, including by Ken, but on the whole the designers aim for lighter fabrics–except Kini, who seems to have bought a brocade  or an upholstery that resembles aluminum foil after it’s held leftover chicken for several days.

They paid Yvonne Niami to come back a second time and walk through with Zanna–hopefully that means Zanna’ regular negging on the designers will be curbed.


  • Emily: She ignored “Summer” and went with “90s power suit.” Niami says it’s not feminine enough. Zanna wrinkles her nose and calls it too heavy.
  • Asha: There’s straps and other nonsensical things, but all I can see is that Asha is using the same damn fabric Peytie was married to in Project Runway: Junior.
  • Dom: She worked in cancer research, so her design is inspired by stainless steel and rubber gloves. Zanna makes positive noises.
  • Kini: Zanna calls it Disco Banana. So much for a reduction in negging!
  • Ken: He’s worried about his top. Zanna has no advice. Niami bleats “edgy.”
  • Sam: His “seersucker jumpsuit” looks 1940s nurse wear. Zanna and Niami call it safe and walk away.

Sam has hysterics, rips his garment to shreds and restart in a panic little for his model to try on when the girls arrive–he winds up taking his pieces and starts re-piecing them into a new outfit on his model as she stands there, like a living dress form. Those who need to summerize their outfits raise their hems and show off their model’s knees. Kini attempts to de-banana-ize his outfit by dipping the jacket in black dye.


Day of runway, and Ken decided it’s time to meltdown over his top, since he still doesn’t know what to do with it. He and Asha assume they will be the last ones sewing, but that’s because they’re not taking Sam into their equation. The usual ads for hair, make up and the still divorced accessory wall fly by. Ken scraps his top yet again with five minutes to go, and literally grabs some leftover fabric and drapes a blouse. it is a workroom “Make It Work” miracle. Tim Gunn would be so proud.

Let’s see who comes up with the lowest number when all the math is said and done.


Alyssa is literally swimming in fabric. Literally. There is this huge swath of fabric hanging from her neck down to her feet, covering whatever nice thing she might be wearing underneath. No wonder her hair is so large–she needs it for buoyancy.  Not only are Isaac and Georgina here for work, but Zac Posen apparently got his Project Runways mixed up and showed up to judge as well. Since he was already here, they let him stay. Yvonne Niami was not paid to come back for a third time and choose the outfit her company will have to produce. Instead they are leaving that all important decision to actress Debi Mazar. (You know, the one from Cooking Channel, who is married to the Italian dude, and yet never manages to make a Goodfellas reference.)

No more mushy middle. Everyone will be judged from now on.



Sam: Everyone called that flap on Sam’s jump suit a baby bjorn, but personally I think it looks like a boat sail. Or maybe a fish fin. Either way, the seersucker color is terrible. Somehow Isaac decides he loves seer sucker though, and everyone is all “I love it!”…until Zac cuts through the crap and gets Sam to admit that it’s not his original design, it’s what he made in the last few hours after Zanna panned his original look.


Kini: In the end, Kini scrapped the badly dyed jacket and let the disco bananpants fly solo. They are still genuinely awful and no one in their right mind would give them the win. But at least he figured out how to edit. Zac calls it kooky, and he means that as a complement. Isaac calls it ballsy. Georgina is so confused by what is happening that she just nods and agrees, lest she look old and out of touch.



Emily: She took that 90s vibe of hers and rechanneled it into something really modern. This is, hands down, one of the best things I’ve seen Emily make. I would buy that skirt. The blouse, maybe not, but it certainly serves the “edgy” requirement. The judges are gaga over it. Isaac admits he doesn’t get it and it makes him feel old and out of touch, but he loves it so much he doesn’t care–and perhaps maybe that’s what the outfit should do. Alyssa calls it punk. Everyone calls it the winner.



Dom: The Beyoncé version of the requested outfit. It’s so overdone and too “evening wear/red carpet” for the challenge. But the judges love Dom so much they don’t call her out for that. It’s really unfair–she should be, since they called Sam out for the same thing last week. Zac frowns at the slit being too high. Isaac compares the top to aluminium foil.



Ken: Not bad for made in five minutes. Unfortunately, he was so focused on the failure to top, he forgot to hem his pants. Bless that model for making not tripping look easy. The judges sort of shrug at it–Georgina calls the only bit of the leather that did make it into the outfit “cheap.” Isaac calls him out for the length. Ken whines that the model didn’t trip, so it’s fine.


Asha: Seriously, it’s practically the same dress Peytie made. Actually I take it back–all that unnecessary crap at the collar means Peytie’s was better. Though I suppose “ripping off the kid’s version of the show you’re on when you’re supposed to be an all-star” is better than “Yet another Kardashian version of what they asked you to make.” Asha tries to claim it’s Josephine Baker. That the judges do not roundly laugh at her is good of them. At no point is Asha’s use of Peytie’s fabric mentioned–which most of them saw at the PR:Jr finale. But she is sent home.


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