Tunes for Tuesday: PostModern Jukebox Roundup

We tuned out of PostModern Jukebox around the end of January. During the intervening time they’ve released quite a few singles on YouTube, and announced a brand new album. Personally, I’m just glad to see that their post American Idol employment program is still going strong. Here’s Idol Season 10 6th place runner up Casey Abrams doing more justice to Guns and Roses than is probably strictly necessary, and a totally superfluous tap dance breakdown.

Below, more Idol alumni having a lot of fun with pop songs.

Von Smith, who is barely recognizable from his Season 8 appearance on Idol. (He didn’t make it out of Wildcards.) even better, he’s doing Carly Rae Jepsen earworm–she’s a Canada Idol alumni.

Season 11’s Brielle Von Hugel doing Selena Gomez

And finally, Season 14’s first runner up Clark Beckham, who does possibly the smoothest rickroll in existence.





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