100 Years of Beauty Part 18: African American Men

The biggest video drop I missed int he last couple of months from CutVideo was the their second foray into the world of male beauty standards from the last 100 years. It was a big deal when after 11 installments all focusing on women, the project finally focused for the first time on the male standards of beauty. Like their original conceit from the very first video, they focused on what they knew best–white men, from the USA.


I had hoped at the time they would directly follow it up with African-American male standards, the way they had immediately followed up the American white women’s standards with African-American women’s standards. It took a few episodes for them to get there, but finally now, here we are.

As this is, in a way, the fourth part in an internal series of just Americans beauty standards inside the wider project of worldwide ones, Cut Video followed up this episode with side by side comparisons, as they did with the two women’s videos and then with the American white men and women’s videos. First up, the comparison of African-American men to women.

And then to the American White male standards versus the African-American ones.

Fun fact: with the white male standards of beauty, there was another, alternate order video where the model’s long locks and full facial hair that he came in with are slowly trimmed away, and the order the looks were filmed in in order to take advantage of his hair lengths as they shortened. This video was not necessary for the African-American standards, as the same amount of haircutting and shaving simply wasn’t required.

And finally, the research behind the looks chosen.



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