Your Daily Kitty Says Dearly Beloved

Dearly beloved
We are gathered here today
To get through this thing called life
Electric word “life”
It means forever and that’s a mighty long time

dearly beloved


5 thoughts

  1. I am home sick with what I presume is a horrible flu, and when I do finally manage to get up out of bed it’s to the news that Prince has died. Dammit.


  2. The “care plan meeting” at the rehab facility was not satisfactory. (Mom is doing great but they’ve proposed a discharge date that seems more reflective of what Mom’s insurance will cover rather than her goals and progress).

    And then I came home to the news about Prince.

    Today is fired.


    1. I’m sorry about your meeting at the rehab facility. the whole insurance system is so dysfunctional. But I’m glad your mom is doing well.

      Today is fired, and 2016 should go home, it’s drunk and trashing the place.


    2. So sorry to hear of you and your mother’s fight with the insurance people. That is heavy worry to carry when dealing with health problems. Fingers crossed for better news.


      1. The problem is actually that they want to keep her longer than she wants to stay — to run out her insurance, I suspect. She wants to go home; they want to keep her another several weeks.

        Of course we could sign her out AMA but my sister is siding with the facility and seems to have moved the goalposts as to what constitutes “achieving goals.”

        It’s all very awkward and I am not very happy.


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