The New Doctor Who Companion Revealed…..

Much like last time round, the BBC is making an enormous fuss about announcing the brand new companion. It’s not quite on the level of announcing a brand new Doctor–there’s no BBC special that’s simulcasting on US television or anything. But they’ve made sure we all know what time to tune in and where: BBC One, halftime at the FA Cup semi-final between Everton and ManU.

They’ve also dribbled out bits, including glimpses of the Companion’s shoes and then a video of the Doctor taking her hand–and from the looks of it, we’re in for….another Earth female of moderately light complexion and of a relatively younger age. The video on Twitter:

So who is it? Will these footballers ever stop talking at halftime about brilliant balls and Rooney? Will she be signed to last more than just Season 10 to stay through to the next showrunner? Answers, after the jump….

…and the new companion is…..

Pearl Mackie! (Even though the clip forgot to say her name. Lucky for us, Doctor Who Magazine pressed publish a minute and a half early while the footballers were babbling, before the clip aired, and the RadioTimes got ahold of the leak this morning hinting it would indeed be her.


And she’s really not impressed by daleks! Check out the clip:

From her bio:

Pearl is currently performing in the National Theatre’s West End production of
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’
She is thrilled to be a part of this 7 Olivier and 5 Tony award winning production until June 2016.


She also did a short stint on the soap opera Doctors.

Otherwise, this is her first major role, on either TV or film.

new companion


2 thoughts

  1. Back to the Future? Michael J Fox would make a great doctor!
    And really out of the box casting, Sally Field as The Companion.


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