100 Years of Beauty Part 19: Ireland

We’re still making our way through the backlog of the 100 Years of Beauty series. We’re nearly caught up though.


Today’s installment was originally released in mid-March, on the 17th to be exact. Naturally it celebrates St Patrick Day with a look at the changing standards of beauty from the poor country that half belongs to the UK and half belongs to itself. Let’s check out Ireland.

Like the Koreas, this video splits itself in twain in the 1920s. The year 1921 was when the British formally created “Northern Ireland” which is part of the UK and left the rest of the country to be independent, hoping that it would settle “the troubles.” (As we all know, it did no such thing.) What’s key here is that the right side looks are all mirroring what was big in the UK, while the left side almost seem like a reaction against whatever is happening on the right–not that far off from North Korea versus South. It isn’t until the 1970s when the Irish revolution was at its peak that the looks begin to mirror each other, and by the 80s through modern-day, any differences seem to be more sisterly that rebelling against one another.

With double the amount of looks to research we have two videos that talk about the research. the first covers the 1910s to the 1960s. The second talks about the 1970s through today.





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