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To entitle an episode “Home” is a cliché—a major, honking cliché, one that not only has been used on shows from Supernatural to The X-Files, but in numerous songs, all of which get stuck in my head at once whenever I type the episode title.

Tyrion: “I’m here to help. Don’t eat the help.”

But Game of Thrones’ last crowning glory of a reveal episode was entitled “Hardhome.” I don’t think it’s an accident that its big honking reveal episode this year harkens back to that. This “Home” is just as hard, though not because the White Walkers stand over it. Here, the hardness is less bombastic. It’s a hard truth that Bran can only visit home in his dreams. It’s Arya’s hardened determination not to fail that gains her entry back into her home in the House of Black and White. It’s the High Sparrow’s hardness that keeps Jaime Lannister in line on his home turf: the Sept of Baelor. Tyrion’s hardens his courage to free the dragons, allowing them once again to make the Meereenese countryside their home. Ramsay Bolton’s hardness allows him to take control of his own home, while Theon has to endure a hard goodbye with Sansa so he can return to the home of his birth.

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