Sherlock Season 4 Bringing in Doctor Who Directors

In a move that’s probably not all that surprising, Steve Moffat has been bringing in directors he worked with on his other show, Doctor Who, to work on the certain to be too-short Sherlock Series 4.

After years long delays due to Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman becoming altogether too famous , not to mention Moffat’s own overfilled plate, Sherlock‘s fourth (and perhaps final) season began filming this past month. The director for the first episode is Rachel Talalay, who helmed the rather spectacular two-part finale last year at Doctor Who. Now we have confirmed a second director: Nick Hurran, who directed the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who back in 2013.


Filming has already been happening in London for the first episode, which, for all accounts will pick up exactly where both Series 3 and the Christmas Special weirdness left off.

As to what we should expect for the new season, other than the maddeningly vague “laughter, tears, shocks, surprises and extraordinary cases,” Moffat and writing partner Mark Gatiss are not saying much, other than this season will be what she show’s been building towards all these years.

Personally, I never knew we were building towards much of anything, other than the fun of seeing the original stories adapted for a modern-day setting. But what do I know?

I am curious if the drug addiction twist, which the show had steadfastly avoided as an obvious trope these past rounds will be a major part of the coming season. perhaps yes? it would be an interesting twist to finally go there, as well as a good reason for Watson and Holmes to finally break company and end the show for good. But perhaps not. Perhaps it might be better if all of that Christmas special wacky weird whatever it was supposed to be (other than Moffat desperately trying to process modernity and equality as things that are expected of one in the mid 2010s.)

Until then, we’ll being keeping an eye on the #setlock tag and see if anything interesting comes up during filming.



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