100 Years of Beauty Part 20: Syria

It took a  few weeks, but we’ve finally caught up with CutVideo’s 100 Years of Beauty series as it currently stands today. The current entry, which was posted last week, doubles both as a look into historical beauty standards, and a reminder of the humanitarian crisis that is ongoing halfway around the world.


Let’s take a look into Syria.

Like many countries in Western Asia and the African continent, Syria was a colony under European rule prior to WWI, and did not actually declare independence until the mid 1930s. So all thee opening looks are a blend of Muslim and French styles, which is especially apparently in the 1930s look, when the headscarves first come off. Even so, they stayed under French sway in the 1940s, and were considered under the control of Nazi occupied France throughout WWII. The years of independence that followed are all indicated by the lack of headscarf, which lasts through the end of the century.

Though most people thinks of the Arab Spring as a thing that happened circa 2010, Syria underwent both the revolution and the backlash about ten years earlier, with full civil war breaking out this decade. The refugee crisis is now at its peak, after six years of unrelenting violence. I’m glad to see CutVideo use their popular video series to bring attention to it, and I look forward to the seeing the research video when they post it.





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