Justin Timberlake Returns to Form with “Can’t Stop The Feeling”

Gentlemen and Ladies, the race for “song of the summer 2016” has officially begun. Our opening bid comes from Justin Timberlake with his new single, “Can’t Stop The Feeling.” It arrived in the middle of the night last night, (not quite Beyoncé style, he did give everyone a 24 hour heads up) and sees him returning to the neo-disco pop that served him so well in the early aughts. Note that it also contains a heavy dash of the faux funk that Bruno Mars has been mining to great effect the last couple of years.

But for those of you hoping this will herald an album and Timberlake leaving behind his so-so movie career to do what he once did best, I’m afraid not. Instead this is the first cut off Dreamworks’ Trolls soundtrack. (Trolls, an animated musical comedy starring–you guessed it–Timberlake! Plus Anna Kendrick, James Cordon and Gwen Stefani, all of whom are in the video!)

The song is deliberately being dropped now to nab song of the summer status–the soundtrack doesn’t arrive until mid September and the movie not until Thanksgiving. Clearly the plan is to get the earworm to high soundtrack sales and then to people going to see the movie. With three more Timberlake penned numbers on the soundtrack, it just might work.

But still, the song is welcome return to form since the oddly listless The 20/20 Experience.  Happy Friday!



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