Your Daily Kitty Is a Little Early

Because the Eurovision semifinals begin at 3pm EST. We’ll be live tweeting and recapping.

photo (43)


3 thoughts

  1. According to the Universal Unified Field Theory of Earworms it is impossible to have two earworms at once. For the past ten days I have had two earworms at once.

    Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway
    Break Away

    and Spirit of the West’s “Home for a Rest.
    Home for a Rest


  2. Huzzah! We are finally getting some rain. We were dry all winter and a very dry early spring.
    And now we have rain! The magnificent slow soaking rain that sinks deep into the soil and brings the earth to life.
    Temp has dropped from the low 30s (low 90sF) to about 10C, (50F).
    All this brings respite.

    827Km to the northwest temps are 12C, but no rain. They really need a soaking rain such as we have, but the lower temps and lower winds are a huge boon to an area that has seen 10% of its city burned, and many of the rest damaged by water. What will be left after six months of abandonment when the residents can return is anyone’s guess.
    We can only hope for more rain.


    1. Temps in the 30s?! Ack – I hate hot weather. We had a week of steady rain and it’s amazing how all the trees have suddenly leafed out as a result. Today is sunny and about 18C, quite seasonal. Tomorrow is supposed to be closer to 25C, which will be nice.

      The fires and drought and all are so saddening. We can but hope, and try to do our best to make it better.


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