Your Daily Kitty Has Opinions



6 thoughts

  1. After two weeks I am down to one earworm from two. Competing earworms was very annoying.
    The Bad News is that the remaining earworm is Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway which refuses to.
    I give the song its freedom to leave, but it will not go.


    1. I somehow have the school song from my old undergrad alma mater stuck in my head. And Prince still hasn’t left my head, but I don’t mind that he seems to have taken up residence and doesn’t seem in a hurry to leave. The songs are alternating between “Take Me With You” and “Let’s Pretend We’re Married.” (I love the “oo ee sha sha koo koo yeah” bit”)


  2. … many opinions. So many opinions.

    Captain Longtail had an opinion that not only did I need to provide him with fish, but also that I needed to stand in the kitchen and watch him eat. I’m not sure what this was supposed to achieve, but it was very important that I do both things.


  3. I am currently reading Ann Cleeves, and I’m finding her writing style intriguing. I am normally a very fast reader, but something about the way she writes essentially demands that you read at the pace she is setting. Though her writing is very different than his, it reminds me of Joseph Conrad in that way. Conrad accomplishes it through his word choices and sentence structure. (Case in point would be the first couple pages of Heart of Darkness.) I haven’t yet figured out how Cleeves is doing this.


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