Agent Carter Cancelled, Marvels Most Wanted Passed On

Ok, we all saw this part coming–Agent Carter is no more. The ratings were flat, Atwell was tapped to move to a new ABC show Conviction (which has been picked up for the 2016-17 season.) After all, how many Disney franchise shows with no ratings can ABC be expected to carry? After all, with Hunter and Bobbi off to the Marvel’s Most Wanted spin off…



Apparently, ABC’s not doing that either.

March and April, there were reports of casting being picked up, including Fernanda Andrade and Delroy Lindo as Christina Santos and Dominic Fortune respectively. Logos were leaked, pilots were being shot, and everyone acted like this was a great idea. Until it wasn’t.

bobbi and hunter

From all reports, ABC looked at the pilot and passed. That means that Nick Blood and Adrianne Palicki are out of roles at their regular gig at SHIELD (not to mention leaving the team down comic relief characters), but now also down’t have anew show to go to. it’s an ugly turn of events.

ABC did a lot of ugly cuts though. The Muppets is dead, leaving Disney once again with a franchise they have no idea how to kickstart. (Guys, have you perhaps thought about calling Brian Henson and asking for help?) Castle is finally over, several years after most people stopped watching it. (No, that doesn’t mean that we’ll get a Firefly reunion, stop that nonsense.) Plus they got rid of Galavant, which was a funny idea, and managed to get in at least one poke at the Cancellation Bear before being eaten.

With Carter and Galavant gone and now Most Wanted not coming in either, it seems like ABC’s short lived idea of winter season filled with special miniseries is as dead as the lovers, the dreamers and you. Raise a glass to the fandoms in mourning, they’re holding vigils at their televisions for a brighter day to come.


One thought

  1. This is very sad. Miss Izzy mourned it one night. Another angle: similarly The Bletchley Circle was cancelled after a second season. It had okay rating; yes, not enough to rake in millionaire salaries but is that the only criteria? Hayley Attwell will be remembered for this role though and go on to other and maybe better things.


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