Layana Aguilar Designs Look for Disney’s Next Princess

Layana Aguilar may have not made the finale of Project Runway: All Stars, but having now done the show twice, once on the ill fated “Teams” edition and a stint on all stars, she’s managed to raise her profile as a designer who draws on her Hispanic heritage (she’s Brazilian born) to catch the attention of someone else in the vast Dinsey empire that owns Lifetime and the Project Runway brand.

In a nice bit of cross promotion, both for Disney’s newest Princess, and for Aguilar, she’s been tapped to design the iconic “ballgown” look for Elena of Avalor.


Elena of Avalor, for those who don’t have small girl children who watch the Disney Channel, is the newest addition to the princess line up. No, she’s not getting a movie (yet.) The brand is still riding on 2014’s Frozen in that department. But her TV series debuts this summer, and “is forced to save her kingdom from an evil sorceress.” Aimee Carrero, who’s last stint was on ABC Family’s Freeform’s “Young and Hungry,” is going to star as the voice of Elena.


The red dress with the floral motif is pretty stunning. And since Elena is slated to be a character at the Disney parks wearing this design, it’s probably a good bet you’ll be able to find the doll version of the character in this dress in stores sooner rather than later.

It might not be a line at New York Fashion Week, but these sorts of iconic designs hit girls at a very impressionable young age. For Aguilar, who has been on a “bringing awareness of Hispanic culture” to the mainstream kick for both of her seasons on Runway, it’s a coup.


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