Toby Jones Joins Sherlock Series 4

Sticking with bringing over talent Steve Moffat used in Doctor Who, word came this week that Sherlock has cast Toby Jones as the Big Bad for Series 4.

This is a pretty interesting development, since (as those who can remember way back in Series 3 about two and a half years ago) the thing that halted Sherlock’s departure at Christmas was that all of London had been hacked by something bearing the face of Moriarty (Andrew Scott.) Said face was repeating over and over on billboards and every computer screen “I’M BACK!!!!”


Now, of course, this seems impossible. Moriarty did not survive the “The Reichenbach Fall” episode, even though Sherlock somehow impossibly did. Also, for a series that has mostly been modernized updated on traditional Sherlock stories, this was a wild departure, as once Moriarty was killed off in the stories, he was barely mentioned ever again.

So the chances of Moriarty being the real big bad of this season are pretty slim, and getting slimmer by the day, now with this announcement that Toby Jones will be appearing as a major villain in the second episode. (There aren’t exactly many episodes, as it seems that the choice to continue with three installments per round is holding true for Series 4.)


Will Jones be the mastermind behind the Moriarty hack? Will he just be a stand alone villain with nothing to do with the first or third episode? The show has sort of gotten away from it as three stand alone stories. If they did return to that method it would actually be a welcome relief–though the suggestion of the Watsons becoming parents as a through line to the season suggests actually not.

According to the announcement, Steven Moffat said: “Delighted to have Toby Jones on board, bringing to life one of Doyle’s finest villains.” Co-creator, writer and exec producer Mark Gattis added: “We’re thrilled to welcome one of our finest actors to the ‘Sherlock’ family. I know Toby will embrace the part with true relish.”

Episode two is currently filming at Cardiff University. Good luck with exams in the middle of all that guys!



One thought

  1. “one of Doyle’s finest villians”? Hm. I don’t know who I would pick for that. There aren’t villians per se in many of the Holmes stories. Though for a Moriarty connection, there’s Col. Moran.


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