Tunes for Tuesday: RHCP “Dark Necessities”

Though I came of age and musical awareness in the early 1990s, the red Hot Chili Peppers have never really been my thing. They are certainly part of the soundtrack of High school and College, but there were never the sort of thing I sought out. Personally, I always thought their best song was the cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground.”

So imagine how surprised I was this week to come across  their new single and it was actually….good? For a minute I didn’t believe it was actually them, just someone who sort of sounded like them. but no! This is RHCP, as produced by Dangermouse.

Their entire new album, The Getaway, was apparently overseen by Dangermouse, so it could be that for the first time, someone had managed to make Anthony Kiedis and Flea (who finally is being given the prominence he only was getting theoretically) into something listenable.


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