Your Daily Kitties Love One Another



One thought

  1. I saw a white coat doctor yesterday. Most of my doctors don’t wear white coats, but I saw a white coat doctor in its natural habitat. I was doing pre-op workup yesterday for my Gall Bladder removal a week Wednesday. I was at the pre-op centre promptly at 7.00 and was shown right in to the room. The nurse (no uniform) took me through all the necessary stages, including my drugs. Then at ten to eight she dropped the bomb. The anaesthetist just let us know that because of emergencies she can’t be here until at least nine. I was given leave to have breakfast. At nine, no doc, so I lay down to have a nap. Doc shows at 9:50, very apologetic, although emergencies aren’t her fault. An apology and an explanation were nice though. And wonder of archaic wonders, she was wearing a white Coat! Just like in the old days! It was practically worth the wait.
    Otherwise all is good


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